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Name of the Organization : Himachal Pradesh Government Pensioner’s Helpline Portal
Type of Facility : How to View Pension Statement Online in Himachal Pradesh?
Location : Shimla


View Pension Statement Online :
The Government of Himachal Pradesh is committed to serve its citizens better by using the modern technology. All Governments have a responsibility towards their senior citizens. The Pensioners Helpline is a step in this direction. Besides ensuring that the pension is credited to the pensioner’s account on due date, the detail of pension being credited are also being available on the internet. All the pensioners have to do is, Select District Treasury and Pension Type, input their PPO Number (numeric part only) and the name (Part/Full); the month wise pension details (for the Last 12 Months- beginning July 2006) will be displayed. In case of any doubt, please feel free to write to District Treasury Officer, of your District.

Procedure :
Kindly follow the mentioned steps below to view your pension statement online.

Step-1 : Select the District
Step-2 : Select the Pension type
Step-3 : Enter the Pensioner’s PPO No
Step-4 : Enter the Pensioner’s Name
Step-5 : Select the Financial Year
Step-6 : Click on “Search” button

Search Here :

Note :
All fields must be entered. Only if PPO No & Name match, the pension detail will be displayed.

Instruction for Verification of Pensioners Residing Out of State:…rification.pdf

Pensioners Life Certificate Format :

(to be submitted in the month of July every year)
Certified that I have seen the Pensioner Mr./ Mrs. Miss_______________________ Son/ Daughter/Wife/Husband of ____________________________________________ holder of P.P.O No.____________________and he/she is alive on this date.

Signature of Patwari/DTO/TO/Gazetted off.of HP/Bank Manager
Date : (With Seal)

(Only in case of Family Pensioners)
I hereby declare that I have /have not re-married during the last one year.

Signature/ Thumb impression of Pensioner
Certified that the above declaration is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signature of Patwari/DTO/TO/Gazetted off.of HP/Bank Manager
Date : (With Seal)

(i). I hereby declare that I have not served in any capacity either in a Government department/office company, Corporation, autonomous body or Society of Central or State Government or Union Territory or a Local Fund during the last one year.
I declare that I have been employed / re-employed in the office of _______________________ which is a part of / financed by ____________________________Government.

Further that the orders of my re-employment do/do not stipulate my pension being held in abeyance.

(ii). I declare that I have not accepted any commercial employment in India.
I declare that I have accepted commercial employment in India after obtaining prior sanction of the Central / State Government and none of the conditions, if any, attached thereto by Government has been violated.

Note :
This declaration is required to be given for a period of 2 years from the date of retirement.

I declare that I have not accepted employment under a Government outside India / an international organization of which government of India is not a member.
I declare that I have accepted employment under a Government outside India / an International organization of which government of India is not a member after obtaining the prior sanction of the Central / State Government and none of the conditions attached thereto by the government has been deviated.

(Signature of Pensioner)

Name ___________________________________
Pensioner’s PAN No.____________________ Current Address.___________________________
Pensioner’s Mobile No.__________________ City/Village.______________________________
Pensioner’s Land Line No._______________ Patwar/Circle._____________________________
Date :____________________________ ____ Tehsil/Sub Tehsil.__________________________ Place:________________________________ State____________________________________

Download Form Here :…ertificate.pdf

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  1. I retired on 31.03.2015 during my service I was getting fixed medical with salary but after retirement I am not getting medical allowance with my pension. I want to get fixed medical with my pension. Please intimate what should I do.

  2. I am not getting my pension disbursement statement on your relevant website. Is it out of order? If so, it should be repaired immediately.

  3. I am not able to open site. Some problem with your site or server.

    1. Balwant Singh Verma

      PPO No : 111151391

  4. I want to change my bank account.

    What should I do?

  5. Who can attest the life certificate?
    Any bank manager or the manager from which pension is released?
    Actually pension is claimed from Shimla and I am residing in Gurgaon.

  6. Dr Shashi pal singh

    Unable to see pension statement for 14_15

  7. I tried to see my pension statement on mobile as per procedure prescribed above but it is not opening even after trying many times. The format is not coming which is to be filled in. Why so. Please reply

  8. How the pensioner can transfer his pension to out of state where he is residing most of the time partly? If the pensioner reside (7 month out of state & 5 months at the place where he is getting pension ) can he transferred his pension to out of state . What formalities are required & which documents are to be submitted to AGHP & DTO shimla. Please reply in the light of Government of H.P. instruction.

    1. How can a Himachal Pradesh Govt.pensioner who had given option to get his/her pension from out of HP State and getting the same from out of HP State and now wish to take/draw his pension from the H.P. State under DTO Dharamsala. What formalities will have to be followed/done to get his/her pension here in HP?

  9. besrudevi ppo 15731

    My date of birth is 1-1-1934. I have submitted the affidavite and also enclosed proof. I have completed 80 years on 1-1-2014. But I have not received the benefit of 80 years till today. I requested many times. My dist is Kullu

    1. Soon you will get all your benefit

  10. Mrs rajeshwari sharma w/o late ramesh chander sharma

    I have not received pension of my husband for the month of april
    ppo number is 18289/F/Hp. Please reply as soon as possible

  11. Arun Kumar Chaudhry

    Pension Statement for 2013_2014

    1. Please fill all the required fields in the above link to view your pension statement.

  12. Pension statement for 2014-15

  13. 1166448

    1. To view the pension statement online you need the district,pension type and financial year.

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