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Name of the Organisation : Maharashtra Medical Council MMC Mumbai (
Type of Announcement : Check your Registration & Renewal Status

Check your Registration & Renewal Status here : http://www.maharashtramedicalcouncil…onalIndex.aspx
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Welcome to the Instruction for Submission of the Application Forms Section through which you will get the information about how to fill up the application form for Registration /Provisional Registration /Renewal of Registration.

Check your Registration & Renewal Status :
Please enter your Username and Password and click the button “Login” to Enter the System The Default Username and Password for your Account is your MMC Registration No.

Note :
Enter Registration No. without slash ( / ))
Eg: (2005/01/00001) 2005010001 like that

** In case of any mistakes in regitration number, name,address etc, or doubts kindly send letter to Maharashtra Medical Council along with your name and registration no. in subject.

Contact Us :
Maharashtra Medical Council
189-A,Anand Complex,
2nd floor,
Sane Guruji Marg,
Arthur Road Naka,
Mumbai – 400 011.

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  1. My registration no. is 26495. On 19/1/2017, I have made online Payment. But not received E-receipt. Kindly let me know the status.

  2. I want to change my maiden name in the registration to my married surname with husbands middle name in my new registration which is to be renewed now, How can I do this, please explain.

    1. If you have Registered Marriage, The Self Attested MRC will/ should be enough. No more ZANZAT should be what YOU should DEMAND RIGHT OF MARRIED and Marriage Registered Woman. This question is Universal in our country. Necessity of Gazette Notification must be stopped.

  3. I was registered in MMC till 1987 when I moved to the Gulf.
    I have retired from my Gulf job recently and come back to Mumbai.
    I would like to renew my registration.
    How do I go about?

  4. I was abroad for almost 25 years. My last registration with MMC was in 1981 for graduation and in 1987 for additional qualification. My registration no for MBBS is 45304 and for MS it is 6047. What do I need to do to update/renew my registration?

  5. I haven’t register my M. D. Pediatrics degree, which I received in 1998. Please guide me how can I proceed to do the same. My M.B.B.S registration number is 77002
    Thanking You.

  6. I want to register my additional qualification of MD Anaesthesiology. I am not able to do it on line Please let me know what I should do. I had come personally. But they don’t accept the form unless I do online registration. My registration number is 71190.

  7. I want to know how many credit points I have gained till 15th Feb,2016?
    My registration number is 48821. Registered in Dec. 1982

  8. What is my registration renewal status? How many credit points are there in my account till feb 2016?
    Reg no is 2006/03/1582

  9. My registration 2000/02/0945

    My registration renewal & registration for additional qualification (DMRD) was done twice (1st in 2007 & 2nd in may 2012).

    I had received additional registration certificate for additional qualification & MMC I card in 2007. However, my additional qualification is not updated / entered in the MMC register.

    In may 2012, renewal was done through IMA Pune Branch. DD of Rs. 500 (IDBI bank, dated 20/05/2012) was submitted in favor of MMC).

    However, I have not received registration certificate & MMC I card, which was renewed in 2012.

    I could not get any information after entering username & password (i. e. My MMC registration no.). website displays – invalid username or password.

    Kindly let me know the current status of registration.

  10. I want my daughter’s rashmee”s permanent registration no. I have applied for the same on 3/6/2015 along with provisional certificate&fee 2000/-Rs. Kindly send her permanent mmc registration certificate as earliest as possible so that she can apply for job.



  12. My registration no is 45002.
    Please let me know the renewal status

  13. My registration no is 2000/02/0945

    I had applied for registration renewal, but didn’t receive certificate, the reason cited is insufficient address. Kindly let me know my registration status.

    How & where to log in ? (? dean / admin / MMC).

  14. My registration number is 2008041561. I applied for renewal of registration. I want to confirm my registration status

  15. My MMC reg no is 39733. I want to renew my registration.Renewal remaining since long. Please Guide.

  16. My provisional registration no is PR/1716/2013. I have applied for permanent registration no. at MMC Mumbai office on 15/01/2015. How I will check status of my application and permanent registration no?

  17. My mmc no is I53781-A. I was unable to renew my registration in 2012 and also I don’t have CME certificates. So please guide me for renewal.

    1. My mmc no is 48382. I was unable to renew my registration in 2007 and also I don’t have CME certificates. Please guide me for renewal.

  18. I send my document & DD of 500/- on date 26/9/2014 online & also by post. I have not received my Renewal certificate. My CRR No. BO2085 . Please send renewal certificate.

    1. I have sent my documents &dd of Rs.3900 on dt 23/9/14 by registered post
      What is renewal status? Does mmc office have send receipt ?

  19. I have applied for renewal of my Maharashtra medical registration in last month. I want to know the status of it. Kindly guide me for the same.

    1. My name is dr kothule dashrath marotirao
      My registration number is 59889
      Kindly tell my renewal status


  21. I am Arshi khan, intern of Gmch NAGPUR. I haven’t received my provisional registration certificate yet. I have sent application for the mistake in the form. I wrote Male’M’ instead of female’F’. My application number is PROV201410862. I Submitted form on 3/5/2014
    I request you to please send me the certificate.

  22. I had done renewal in 2008. Now how many credit points will be required and what is the procedure and tell the fees for renewal

  23. Please tell me my renewal status. When is my next date of renewal? My registration no is l-30802-A.

  24. I had applied for renewal in march 2014, My registration no. has been renewed or not.
    My registration no. is 2002041942

  25. I had renewed my registration in april 2014.

    I just want to ask -is it renewed or not.

    How to check it?

    My registration no is- 200201212

  26. I had applied for renewal of my mmc registration by post 3 weeks back from kerala. Could anybody please send me the link I need to contact to know my renewal status?

  27. I have submitted my renewal form with all required documents, received acknowledgement receipt but I checked online it shows my 2012 renewal not 2016. Please guide me. My reg no is 2004/03/1413

  28. I have registered for addl qualification for MD Tband Chest. My permanent registration no is 51290. What is the status?

  29. My MMC Reg No. is 73406. I have not received my renewal Registration card yet. When I checked online , my renewal certificate is without photograph and my post graduate degree is written MDSP instead of MD PSM.
    Where should I send my photograph so that I will receive my renewal Reg. card as early as possible?

  30. My registration number is 081631. I have applied for renewal of registration with all mandatory documents including demand draft, affidavit & indemnity by courier which must have reached MMC office on 25 or 26 April 2014. I have not yet received anything. What is the status of my renewal ?

  31. I have sent my renewal by post completing all the formalities and you have received by forms at your Office on 22nd April. What is my renewal status? Please let me know?
    My Registration no.66615

  32. My regd no is 34078. Send all documents by courier about 3 months ago. What is the status? And how can I see on your site?

  33. Contact no. of mmc given on website is fake . No one responds to call. I have sent documents and money. Since 1 month not yet renewed.

    1. It is showing as
      “Invalid username or password.”
      Note : Please enter your Username and Password and click the button “Login” to Enter the System The Default Username and Password for your Account is your MMC Registration No.

  34. My registration 062786. I am working as medical officer in Mmhs. I want to know my renewal status.

  35. My mmc registration no. Is 84707 I had renewed it in march 2012. Still I don’t know my renewal status. Please reply for the same

  36. Respected sir
    I have sent you required documents and dd .
    How can I know you have got it or not? When renewal will be done?

  37. My Registration no is 19830147058. Date of original registration done in 1983.
    The registration was further renewed for 5 years from 20070347058 to 20120347058

    I have now again applied for registration renewal on 20140247058

    I am not able to get the status of registration renewal. Kindly confirm if the same is now renewed and what is the period of renewal if renewed.

    Dr.Sridhar Akhade

  38. My registration no is 55243. The date is 26/12/1985.
    I had applied for renewal in 2012. I have not received any card for the same.
    Kindly let me know my status. Also my post graduation registration status .M,D, Paed 1993 G M C Aurangabad
    I tried loging in ,showing invalid name . Your office telephone is out of order.
    Please let me know my status

  39. I am a B.A.M.S graduate.My registration I-36336-A-1 ( 15 Jan 2000) I have send renewal documents through courier but not received the anything. Please let me know my current renewal status.

  40. I want to know the status of my renewal of registration. I cannot find it in the web site.
    My registration no. 65999 Chinnamma M.J
    Submitted the application on 8.1.14
    Receipt no.108568
    Kindly let me know my registration status.

    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    Dr.chinnamma m.j

    1. My registration no is 2002031225. I had renewed reg which is valid upto 29/02/2011. I have applied for renewal on 19 /06/2013. DD for renewal is encashed but yet not received the certificate. Called office regarding issue but no proper guidance received. Please reply regarding this matter. Thank you.

  41. My registration no is 2191. My name is Dr.Vrushali Kulkarni. I have done renewal in year 2012. Yet I have not received card. I am not able to login even after following all instructions. What to do?

  42. I have sent my m.b.b.s.registration renewal in May 2012.
    But still I have not got my renewal letter or card
    What could be the problem? My registration number is 2001031280

    1. Renewed status : Yes
      Renewal date : 22/06/2012
      Valid Upto Date : 28/02/2017
      You can download your renewal receipt from the official website using your registeration number.

    1. I am not sure what you are expecting for. Please note that this facility is about viewing the registration status of Maharashtra Medical Council.

  43. Please let me know the status about my regd renewal application send about 2 months ago. My registration no is 41598.

  44. I have submitted all the documents required for renewal. Date of submission is 14 may 2012. But yet it is not renewed.why?

  45. Reg. No. 43979–Thanks for giving typical govt office answer. We expect more specific & TIME BOUND ACTIVITY for every work. I think you can consider one more option in renewal status–1 Yes,2 No,3 Under process

  46. My Registration Number is 43979. I have submitted my application for renewal on 26/11/13. Let me know when it will be updated on site about my status?

    1. Once the process have been completed the status will be updated in the site. You can check your renewal status with your MMC registration number as user name and password to log in.

  47. MY REGISTRATION NO IS 2008/12/3950 is renewed on 10/04/2013 through Kma Kolhapur. After login I could not find result as it says invalid login id. So how can I find the status. I have not received my renewed MMC No.

    1. Before you enter your login and password please note that there are three options as Dean,Admin and MMC. Please choose the correct thing and enter your lpgin and password to check your renewal status.

  48. My MMC reg no is 78279. I had applied for my additional reg on 08/05/2013.Receipt no 93775. But till now I had not received the certificate. I request you to look in the matter.

    1. You can check your renewal status online. You need to login first to know your renewal status.

      Please enter your Username and Password and click the button “Login” to Enter the System The Default Username and Password for your Account is your MMC Registration No.


    1. To check your renewal status you need to login with your user name and password in the mentioned link in the website. I could not find the details about fees for renewal,but I could assume that Provisional Registration Fee is Rs.500. Please contact through official communication of the website for further details.

    1. You need to login first to know your renewal status.

      Please enter your Username and Password and click the button “Login” to Enter the System The Default Username and Password for your Account is your MMC Registration No.

    2. Please explain the procedure for registration renewal.
      My registration expires in 2017.

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