Tata Power DDL : Pay Electricity Bills & Download Duplicate Receipt Online

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Name of the Organization : Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd(tatapower-ddl.com)
Type of Facility : Pay Your Power Bill & Download Duplicate Bill Online
Location : Delhi

Website :  http://www.tatapower-ddl.com/index.aspx

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Pay Bill Online and Download Last E-Payment Receipt:
To Pay Your Bill and collect receipt,
** Enter the Contract Account Number (CA Number)
** Click on Pay Now Button.

Click here for online payment

Important Instructions to be read before making payment
Credit/Debit card payments:

** No part payment shall be allowed on credit/debit card online payments.
** The payments through credit/debit cards will be required to be made at least 3 days in advance before due date, so as to avoid late payment surcharge.
** No charges/processing fees shall be charged by TPDDL for payment made for electricity bills up to a limit of Rs 5000 during one billing cycle.
** For payments above Rs 5000, the processing fees/charges shall be collected directly by the credit card company/Payment Gateway/Bank etc. from the consumer.
** Making online payment through same credit/debit card are allowed for three contract account nos (CA nos) during one billing cycle.

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Online payment will be reflected in your account after two working days.

Net banking Payments:
** There is no payment limit for making payment through Net Banking option. No processing fees/charges shall be collected by Payment Gateway/Bank etc. on such payment from the consumer

Note :
Consumers are advised to deposit Electricity Bill at TPDDL’s Collection counters or pay through TPDDL website in case permanent print impression payment receipt is required

About us:
Tatapower-ddl is a joint venture between Tata Power Company and the Government of NCT of Delhi with the majority stake being held by Tata Power. It distributes electricity in North & North West parts of Delhi and serves a populace of 50 lakh . The company started operations on July 1, 2002 post the unbundling of erstwhile Delhi Vidyut Board.

Contact Us :
NDPL House, Hudson Lines
Kingsway Camp
Delhi-110 009

Ph : 011 66112222
Ph : 011 66112256
Ph : 011 66112162
Ph : 011 66112272
Fax : 011 27468042

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  1. My father name is Mohammad shakur but at this moment name is Mohammad Shakar
    Please change them. My ca no is 60006058378

  2. I have not received my current electricity bill. My C.A. No. is 60013454917. Kindly send me the current paper bill.


  3. My CA No:60006294262
    I am not receiving my Bill since last two months. Please send me paper bill every month.

  4. Please send me duplicate bill for CA No. (i) 60002993743 (ii) 60009258843 and details of last bill payment with date

  5. My ca no.60016418653 and bill is 3160.00rs. I deposit of jeevan canter ip no.9410620
    Please check my account last bill

  6. I complaint that there is a light spark in meter box. Two men came and try to unscrew the 4 Screws but one was jammed. Next day one man comes and says the meter is burnt though the meter is in working order and yet there is no sign of any flame or burn. In such state of meter how one can conclude it as burnt arbitrarily. Please give me fair opinion.

  7. The ca nos.60009703061 and 60009703442 for the house property no.c-105 m.p.enclave pitampura may please be shown on my name Rajendra Kumar Dewan. This has also been done by the m.c.d. for the same property on verifying records that this property which was on the name of sh.kartar chand chawla originally is now on my name after converting to free hold.

    Thanks and with regards.
    Rajendra Kumar Dewan

  8. I live at new patel nagar. I have bought a ground floor but me and previous landlord’s meter both are attached in my room. I want to remove previous landlord’s meter from my room. So what can I do? Please tell me!

    1. Consumer Name : Mr. CHAMAN LAL DUTTA .
      CA NO : 060007268406
      Remark/Status : Request has been resolved
      Notification Type : Name/ Load/ Category Change
      Priority : Name Change

    1. My name is Latha Devi
      Electricity bill pay payment from 01/01/2014 to 01/04/2014
      My k .no..36404131196 ca/crn No 60007409729

  9. Demand notice of ca no.60017072194
    I have received a message on my mobile that violation,notice and demand of ca no.60017072194

    1. Bill No. : 010090252522
      Bill Date : 2/26/2014
      Due Date : 3/18/2014
      Outstanding Amount : Rs.-36

    1. 1. Go to this link tatapower-ddl.com/cmspage.aspx?section=Bill%20Payment&tabname=Download%20Last%20E-payment%20receipt&level=1
      2. Click Last E-Payment Receipt tab
      3. Please enter CA No
      4. Click Get Receipt button

      Note ;
      This receipt is for your last online successful transaction which is made on http://www.tatapower-ddl.com.
      In case you are not able to get the above receipt, wait for at least one day or contact to customer care.

    1. Bill No. : 010013957124
      Bill Date : 3/5/2014
      Due Date : 3/22/2014
      Outstanding Amount : Rs.12493

  10. My CA No. is 60012966457 sec.16 Rohini & 60016678967 is sec.28 Rohini. Kindly prove amount of current bill.

    1. Contract Account Number : 60011871286
      Name : Ms. PHOOL DEVI
      Bill No. : 010053566697
      Bill Date : 1/17/2014
      Due Date : 2/4/2014
      Outstanding Amount : Rs. 7320

  11. I have lost my last bill so I try to print duplicate bill on your site but I cannot find any hint to print duplicate bill. I have also tried to get last payment receipt on ndpl site but nothing to find.

    1. 1. Go to Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd home page.
      2. Click Pay Online screen which is given below the home page.
      3. Click Last E-Payment Receipt option
      4. Please enter CA No no
      5. Click Get Receipt option.

      This receipt is for your last online successful transaction which is made on http://www.tatapower-ddl.com.
      In case you are not able to get the above receipt, wait for at least one day or contact to customer care.

  12. Please tell me that each payment mention CA no.s but which bill for period 19/10/13 to 02/12/13 for payment of Rs. 2850/- due date 26-DEC-2013. in this bill added the other charge and enclosed Under other charges form . In this en-closer form the mention Assessment defective period (01-08.2013 to 02.09.13 , energy amount Rs. 176/-. Hence, each bill submitted to your billing office timely. Please, may be remove this charges from the next bill.
    CA No. : 060011261413

    1. I could not find what you are coming to ask. Please visit the office directly and say your suggestion or contact through official communication of the website.

    1. I could not find any conditions for giving password specifically in the official website to pay the bill. But however in general the password should contain mixture of upper case and lower case characters,symbols and digits so that you can avoid hacking.

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