Andhra Bank : Online Registration of Mobile Number For Mobile Banking Services

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Name of the Organisation : Andhra Bank(
Type of Facility : Registration of Mobile Number for Mobile Banking Services Online
Location : Hyderabad

Website :
Mobile Banking :

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Andhra Bank ATMs :
Basic requirements for availing AB-Mobile Banking Services are :
** Customer should have an Andhra Bank ATM/Debit Card.
** Customer should have registered his / her Mobile Number for SMS alerts.
** Customers having any basic Mobile handset can avail of the various facilities including intra/interbank fund transfer thru SMS Mode subject to a maximum of Rs.5000.00 per day.
** Customers having Mobile handset with JAVA and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service – enabled by the Service Provider) can download the Mobile Banking Application on their mobile and avail of the various facilities including intra/interbank fund transfer subject to a maximum of Rs.50,000.00 per day.
** Customers whose hand sets are not Java / GPRS enabled, can also avail of Mobile Banking thru SMS or USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).(Presently this facility available for BSNL/MTNL user only)

Only one time Registration at any Andhra Bank ATM (No Need to visit branch) :
** Customer has to visit any Andhra Bank ATM and register for Mobile Banking Services. . ** Click here for the procedure to be followed for registration at ATM. à should point to Registration of Mobile Number for MOBILE BANKING SERVICES on Andhra Bank ATMs in this page
** After successful registration, Customer receives an ATM receipt which contains mPIN (transaction password) and Application Password (login password).
Customers having basic mobile phones can start using the said service thru SMS (Click here for details of various keywords). à should point to SMS Tags messages for Mobile Banking (m-Pay)
** Customers having JAVA and GPRS enabled mobile phones have to download the Mobile Banking Application through URL given thru SMS to the Mobile and save the same in their mobile.

In case of issue in downloading the application through the above process, customer can also login to the portal through Internet by giving his / her mobile number (and MPIN) and can download the application on his / her mobile.

Now the system will prompt the customer for changing Application Password.

On successful changing of Application Password, system will prompt for changing the mPIN. Then it will ask the customer to choose the communication mode (GPRS/SMS). On selection of the communication mode, the Mobile Banking Menu will be displayed.

Facilities/Options available under Andhra Bank Mobile Banking (for JAVA and GPRS Enabled mobiles):
** Balance Enquiry
** Mini Statement

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) :
** To Mobile Number (Using MMID & Mobile No)(P2P)
** To Account Number (Using IFSC Code & Account No)(P2A)
** Funds Transfer (Rs.50,000/- per day is allowed through Mobile Banking)

(a) Within Bank :
** Mobile to Mobile (Beneficiary should be our Mobile Banking Customer)
** Mobile to Account (Any account of Andhra Bank)

My Services :
** Mobile Recharge
** Temple Donations

Other Services :
** Cheque Status
** Stop Cheque

My Setup :(Application options can be configured as per customer requirement)
** mPIN Change
** Inbox
** About AB-mPAY

For Funds transfer, Customer has to register the Beneficiary details as a one-time registration. After registering the beneficiary, funds can be transferred by selecting the beneficiary. For every fund transfer transaction, system will generate a message and send to the Customer’s mobile. Customer can also use Quick IMPS/Payment for funds transfer.

Steps for using mPAY Application :
Invoke the “mPAY” application available in Applications/Games folder. Enter the application PIN to get the menu which will have the following options.

1) Balance Enquiry :

Customers can view the balance in the account which has been registered for mPAY.

2) Mini Statement :
Last 9 transactions (both credit and debit legs) in the registered account can be viewed using this option.

3) Funds Transfer :
(A) Within our Bank :
Mobile to Mobile :

For using Mobile to Mobile fund transfer facility, beneficiary should also be a registered mPAY customer and needs to give the mobile number of the beneficiary at the time of registration.

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Mobile to Account :
Customers can transfer funds to any of the Andhra Bank accounts. In this case, beneficiary need not be a mobile banking customer

B) Other Bank :
Bank has provided IMPS services to our customers through NPCI for remitting funds to and receives funds from other bank account holders. Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) is an instant real time interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones. It facilitates customers to use mobile phone as a channel for remitting funds to accounts in other banks. The pre-requisites for fund transfer through IMPS is both the remitter and beneficiary needs to register their mobile phones with their bank account and get the MMID upon registration. MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) is a seven digit code issued by the participating banks to their customers for availing IMPS services.

MMID Generation :
The MMID can be generated in two ways:
For using Mobile to Mobile fund transfer facility, beneficiary should also be a registered mPAY customer and needs to give the mobile number of the beneficiary at the time of registration.

Using mPAY Application :

Mobile banking customers of the bank can generate the MMID using the mPAY application available in their handset through the option FUND Transfer à Other Banks à IMPS à Generate MMID

Using SMS Tags :
For availing IMPS facility in case of non-mobile banking customers, their mobile number should be registered with the bank for SMS alerts. For getting the MMID, the customer needs to send SMS as <MMID> to 9223173924. This is required for receiving funds from other bank customers.

The Procedure for fund transfer through IMPS :
Using mPAY Application :
Funds can be remitted to other bank accounts using the option Fund Transfer à Other Banks à IMPS à Quick IMPS. Customers can use this facility for one time remittance of funds. Customers have to enter the beneficiary mobile number, MMID and Amount for transfer of funds.

Customers can also register beneficiary details for repetitive payments by giving beneficiary Mobile number, MMID and Nick Name using the option Fund Transfer à Other Banks à IMPS à Register IMPS.

Payment :
Customer has to select the beneficiary (to whom funds to be transferred) from the list which will appear in the screen.

Beneficiary De-Registration :
Customers can de-register the already added beneficiary using this option.

Using SMS Tags :
This facility can be used by the customer who has registered for Mobile Banking and not installed the application in handset The syntax for remitting funds using SMS tags is :

IMPS<Space><Beneficiary Mobile Number><Space><Beneficiary MMID><Space><Amount><Space><MPIN>

Where <Space> stands for one blank space.

IMPS Fund Transfer Limit :
There is a daily cap of Rs. 50,000/- for customers who is remitting funds using the mPAY application and Rs. 5000/- for other customers who is availing the facility through SMS Tags. The charges for SMS and GPRS are as per the tariff provided by each service provider.

4) My Services :
Mobile RechargeCustomers can do mobile recharge for any prepaid/postpaid mobile number for the amounts between Rs. 10/- and Rs. 1,000/-

Movie Ticketing :
Customer can book movie tickets using this option.

Temple Donation : At present customers can donate funds to Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) and Shridi SaiBaba Samsthan

Other Services :
Stop Cheque :
Enter mPin and cheque number. Get successful message if cheque is not already paid.

Cheque Status :
Enter mPin and cheque number. Get the successful message on status of the cheque.

5) My Setup :
Enable or Disable Transactions : Enable or disable the transactions in your application.
mPAY service Number : Two Service Numbers are provided. Please do not change it.
Save Inbox in Memory : Select YES in order to save the message received in the inbox.
Communication Mode : Can be set as either GPRS or SMS according to customer requirement.
Re-Activate Application : Customers can re-activate the disabled application using this option.
Configure E-Mail Id : This used to capture the email id of the customer. This will be useful at the time of Movie Ticketing.
Change mPIN : If customer wants to change the mPin, select this option. Then enter the old mPin, new mPin, then re-enter the new mPin, Click ‘Yes’ for “Allow application ABmobile to send text message?”.
Inbox : Inbox includes last five responses received.

Contact us :
Andhra Bank
5-9-11, Dr Pattabhi Bhavan,
Secretariat Road, Saifabad
Hyderabad 500 004. A.P.

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  1. How shall I update my contact number through the atm for receiving alerts or to get recovered password in the phone?

    1. The customer is responsible for intimating to Andhra Bank any change in his Mobile Phone Number.

      The customer acknowledges that to receive alerts, his mobile phone number must be active and accessible. The customer acknowledges that if the customer’s mobile phone number remains inaccessible for a continuous period (such period dependent upon service providers) from the time an Alert message is sent by Andhra Bank, that particular message may not be received by the customer.

      Triggers will be processed by Andhra Bank after receipt and Andhra Bank shall have the discretion to determine the time taken to process such request.

    1. Customer should have registered his / her Mobile Number for SMS alerts.
      Customer has to visit any Andhra Bank ATM and register for Mobile Banking Services.

    1. Please note that this facility is for registration of Mobile Number for Mobile Banking Services Online.

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