Idea Gold Bonanza Challenge Season 2 Contest 2014-2015

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Name of the Organisation : Idea Cellular Ltd
Type of Announcement : Gold Bonanza Challenge Season 2 2014-2015
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Terms and Conditions:
GOLD BONANZA CHALLENGE SEASON 2 (hereinafter referred to as “Challenge”) is conceptualized, organized and conducted by Spice Digital Limited having its registered office at 60-D, Street No. C-5, Sainik Farms, New Delhi-110062 and corporate office at S Global Knowledge Park, 19A & 19B, Sector-125, Noida – 201301, [U.P.], (hereinafter referred to as “SDL”) in association with Idea Cellular Limited, a company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at Suman Tower, Plot No. 18, Sector – 11, Gandhinagar – 382 011 and its corporate office at 5th Floor, Windsor, Off CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz (E), Mumbai-400098 (hereinafter referred to as “Idea”).

SDL and Idea shall hereinafter be jointly referred to as “Organisers”.

The Challenge is open for a limited period from 9th December 2014 ,00:00:01 hours till 8th March 2015, 23:59:59 hours for the active1 pre-paid as well as post-paid category of the Idea subscribers (“Subscriber(s)”2) of the following Idea telecom service areas circles (“Circle(s)”):

An active Subscriber shall mean the Subscriber who uses the Subscriber Identity Module (“SIM”) on a regular basis for purposes other than to participate in this Challenge or any other challenges offered by the Organizers jointly.

Subscriber shall mean the rightful user of the Idea connection, pre-paid or post-paid, in whose name the mobile phone number (MSISDN) is registered with the operator. In the event the number / connection is registered in the name of a company or firm, the employee who is authorized to use the MSISDN shall submit a No Objection Certificate and authorization of the employer duly permitting the employee to use the MSISDN for participation in the Challenge, receive the gratifications and accept the terms applicable for the Challenge.

For the avoidance of any doubt, please note that the gratifications offered under this Challenge are solely sponsored and distributed by Spice Digital Limited for the Highest Scorers (defined later) of this Challenge and Idea is only providing information and data in relation to the active Subscribers participating in this Challenge and the Short Message Service Center (“SMSC”), to facilitate the Challenge to be participated by the active Subscribers.

A Subscriber, by participating in the Challenge, hereby agrees to the Terms and Conditions mentioned below and gives his/her irrevocable consent to the process of selecting the Highest Scorers as set out herein, and any appropriate changes that may be made to this Challenge by the Organisers, including due to any legal or regulatory requirement, instructions from any judicial or a quasi-judicial body or due to any natural calamity beyond the reasonable control of the Organisers, its affiliates and associates or for any other reason whatsoever.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, wherever the context so requires “You” or “Your” shall mean any natural person who is a Subscriber.

Also, by participating in this Challenge, You:
Warrant that you have read, understood and agreed to conform to these Terms and Conditions.
Warrant the accuracy, truthfulness and currency of all information that You have submitted.
Agree that You are entering into this Challenge as an independent party and nothing herein establishes an employer-employee relationship between You and Idea or between You and SDL and You are acting voluntarily, using Your own time and resources to participate in the Challenge, solely at Your own risk.
Warrant that prior to participating in the Challenge, it shall be deemed that You have read and have agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein.

These Terms and Conditions are available on the website at the following address:

(“Website”). The Terms and Conditions can be amended or varied from time to time or withdrawn and therefore, please visit the Website periodically to keep yourself updated and informed.

By participating in the Challenge, You indicate Your acknowledgement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1. Procedure and Eligibility to participate:
This Challenge is valid for all active prepaid and postpaid Subscribers who fulfill the following criteria:
He/she must be of or above 18 years of age;
He/she must be a resident of India;
He/she must not have been either convicted and / or prosecuted for commission of any criminal offence nor be of an unsound mind;
He/she must belong to any of the Circles mentioned above; and
He/she must not be under any legal disability e.g. insolvency, restraint by court order etc. and / or is prohibited from entering any contractual relationship.

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Further, the Subscribers who participate in the Challenge and are chosen as Highest Scorers of each category of gratification under the Challenge in accordance with the Highest Scorer selection process under the Terms and Conditions of the Challenge, shall be required to be the registered Subscribers of the mobile phone number chosen as the Highest Scorer and not merely the persons using such mobile number (“Highest Scorer(s)”). If the Highest Scorer is not able to provide sufficient evidence to show that he/she is the Subscriber of the mobile number, the Organisers reserve the right to award the gratification to the next eligible Highest Scorer or to forfeit the gratification, at its sole discretion.

2. Charging:
Subscribers shall be asked total 900 skill or knowledge based questions (questions will be a mix of movies/sports/GK/current affairs/history) during the challenge period. The Subscribers will be charged Rs. 2/- for each answer given by the Subscribers to the corresponding question in the Challenge.
The charged amount will not be refunded to Subscribers under any circumstances.
Subscriber is charged for the 1st question. Only after system receives response for the 1st question will charging be initiated for the 2nd question and so on.
In case the Subscriber stops participating in the challenge at any time, the system will continue to charge him/her for all questions answered till that time.
In case of a low balance response for any question, charging will stop.
Charging will resume when user initiates again by answering a question through any channel i.e. either on SMS or Voice.
In case Subscriber has completed all 900 questions of the Challenge, then, if there was a low balance response for any question, every subsequent day, till all questions are charged / till end of the Challenge, whichever happens first, the system will try to charge user for all uncharged answered questions.
Every answer sent to the number 52256 shall be charged at Rs 2/- per SMS.

3. Challenge on Voice:
The Challenge will be available on 52256 on Voice.
Subscribers will be informed about the participation charges for the Challenge, gratification and Terms and Conditions URL, when they call the number 52256 Toll-free to participate in the Challenge.
The Challenge consists of total 900 skill or knowledge based questions (questions will be a mix of movies/sports/GK/current affairs/history) with two answer options for each question. The Subscribers may attempt these questions anytime during the Challenge Period. The Subscribers may press 1 for option 1 or press 2 for option 2 on their phone keypad to answer each question of the Challenge.
The Subscribers can press * to listen to a question again.
The questions under the Challenge shall be based on information available to the public at large.
For every right answer the Subscriber will get 10 point. There is no negative marking for a wrong answer.
Happy hours slots, as applicable will carry 20 points for every right answer.
After every answer, the Subscriber will be given an appropriate response followed by the updated score and given the next question and answer options.
System will continue giving questions one after the other, while the charging happens. However happening of such charging may not necessarily be simultaneous to the question attempted and can also be charged at a later stage i.e. post answering of the question. The score being intimated to the participant over SMS and voice is tentative and will be updated upon successful charging.
Charging responses can be “Success”, “Failure” and “Low Balance”. These will be offline responses received by the system in parallel to the questions attempted.

Challenge on SMS:
The Challenge will be available on SMS on 52256. To participate in the Challenge, Subscribers are required to SMS GOLD to 52256 for free.
Each Subscriber shall be charged Rs. 2/- per answer sent as an SMS to the number 52256, irrespective of whether the answer is correct or wrong.
For all Subscribers who participate in the Challenge for the first time by sending the keyword GOLD as an SMS to 52256, a welcome SMS will be sent to the number of the
Subscribers, informing them about the gratifications offered under the Challenge, the charges per answer and the Terms and Conditions URL. This will be followed by the 1st question and answer options.
Subscribers may participate in the Challenge by sending the keyword GOLD to 52256 as an SMS to receive a question and answer options and then sending a response to 52256 by typing ‘A’ or ‘B’ or by to the question that they received last.
All Subscribers can answer up to 900 questions in the Challenge. The questions have 2 answer options each.
For every right answer the Subscriber will get 10 point. There is no negative marking for a wrong answer.
Happy hours slots, as applicable will carry 20 points for every right answer.
After every answer, the Subscriber will be sent an appropriate response, with the updated score and given the next question and answer options.
If a Subscriber stops participating in the Challenge after answering the nth question then when he/she sends an SMS typing GOLD to the number 52256, he/she will receive the (n+1)th question. If the Subscriber stops participating after answering the nth question then he/she can continue participating by sending GOLD as an SMS to 52256, to receive the next question.
If a Subscriber does not receive the subsequent question after answering the nth question, then he/she can continue participating the Challenge either by sending SMS GOLD to 52256, or calling 52256, during the Challenge, to receive the next question.
The Subscriber will be given the questions one after the other till he/she finishes answering all the questions of the Challenge.
The Subscribers may discontinue participating the Challenge anytime by sending ‘STOP’ an SMS to 52256 .

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  1. My score in season 2 is 16740. I hadn’t receive any info regarding the result. When will you declare the result?

  2. If the result of gold bonanza challenge season 2 got declared? I don’t know my score. So please give me a information of score.

  3. I am playing with Idea gold bonanza challenge season 2
    When I called voice call number 52256 I am not hearing any question how to play without question
    Awaiting your favorable response

    1. A Highest Scorer earning gratification in excess of INR 10,000/- in a year in aggregate from all challenges / offers conducted by SDL as one of the Organisers irrespective of the operator or other Organisers will be subject to TDS under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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