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Name of the Organisation : Department of Pre-University Education, Government of Karnataka
Type of Announcement : PUC Blue Print / Model Question Paper

Blue Print / Model Question Paper :
Home Page : http://www.kar.nic.in/pue/

PUE Karnataka Last Update :
Result for PUC Examination 2014 : http://www.indianjobtalks.in/31292.html
Time Table I PUC Annual Exam 2014 : http://www.indianjobtalks.in/9694.html
Model Question Paper PU Exam : http://www.indianjobtalks.in/9423.html

Time: 1 hour
Max Marks : 25
General instructions:
1) All parts are compulsory.
2) Draw relevant diagram / figure wherever necessary.
3) Numerical problems should be solved with relevant formulae.
I Answer any TWO of the following 2X1=2
1 .Who introduced the concept of anti particle theoretically?
2. Define average speed.
3. Write the expression for the range of the projectile.
II Answer any TWO of the following 2X2=4
4. Mention any two fundamental forces in nature.
5. What are the dimensions of a physical quantity? Write the dimensions of momentum.
6. Obtain the relation v = r with usual notations.
III Answer any ONE of the following 1X4=4
7. Derive the relation connecting the period, length, mass of the pendulum and acceleration due to gravity, using the method of dimensions.
8. Derive an expression for centripetal acceleration.
Find the magnitude and direction of the resultant of two vectors A and B in terms of their magnitudes.
IV Answer the following 2X5=10
9. Deduce x = vot +1/2 at2 using v-t graph.
Obtain the equations of motion for constant acceleration using method of calculus.
10. Show that the path traced by a projectile is a parabola.
V Answer any one of the following 1X5=5
11. The position of an object moving along x–axis is given by x (t)= a + bt2 where a = 8.5m b=2.5ms-2 and t is measured in seconds. What is its velocity at t = 0 s and t = 2.0 s What is the average velocity between t = 2.0 s and t = 4.0 s ?
12. An insect trapped in a circular groove of radius 12 cm moves along the groove steadily and completes 7 revolutions in 100 s.
(a) What is the angular speed and linear speed of the motion?
(b) Is the acceleration vector a constant vector? What is its magnitude?

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Time duration:1hr
Max. marks:25
General Instructions: 1. The question paper has four parts A, B, C and D.
2. All the parts are compulsory.
3. Draw diagrams wherever necessary, unlabelled diagrams or illustrations do not carry marks.
I.Answer any six of the following questions in one word or one sentence each.6X1=6
1. Mules do not reproduce but are considered living.Why?
2. Red tides are seen in sea, why?
3. Name the plastid which stores proteins
4. What is polyribosome?
5. Define aestivation
6. During which process is periderm formed?
7. Give an example of a viviparous animal.
II.Answer any five of the following questions in three or five sentences each. 5X2=10
8. a.What are the number of segments that are present in the abdomen of cockroach?
b. Name the type of coelom in earthworm.
9. a. How do the various leaf modifications help plant?
b. What type of Phyllotaxy is seen in mustard plant?
10. Name the commercial product produced by algae
a) Gelidium b) red algae c) Chlorella d) brown algae
11. Name any four economically important insects under phylum Arthropoda.
12. Bacteria have extensions of plasma membrane into cell. Name this extensions and uses of it.
13. What are the components of cell membrane? How are they arranged?
III. Answer any one of the following question in 100-150 words each. 1X4=4
14. Draw neat and labelled diagram of a) Mitochondria b) Nucleus
15. (i) Mention the function of the following a) Ureter in Frog b) Malphagian tubules c) body wall in earthworm
(ii) What are the cellular components of blood?
IV. Answer any one of the following questions in 200-250 words each. 1X5=5
16. Give a brief account of Bryophytes and its classes.
17. Describe the types of flowers based on the position of ovary and floral whorls on the thalamus.

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  1. I want the blowup syllabus of chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics and all cet, jee mains, neet question papers also with the key answers.

  2. I want pue question bank with question and answers according to the new syllabus for 2nd puc pcmb.
    Where will I find it?

  3. I need 2nd puc blow up syllabus for physics,chemistry,maths and all cet exam question paper with key answer

  4. I want blow up syllabus of second year physics,chemistry,maths& computer science.
    Then I want cet question papers of all year please.

  5. Dear sir/madam

    I need a model question paper of 2nd PUC Business studies, English, Hindi for 2014 board exam from PUC department.

    1. There is no correct blue print can announced by government . If announcement is cleared it will be approximate.

  6. I am 2nd pu student pcmb. You have left question bank right. It is enough to read question bank itself or we should read text book also? I am confused.

  7. Please upload the new blue print of model question paper of physicsIII & iv th Model ,chemistry -Vth Model, maths-IVth, and Biology II, III, IV th Model question papers

  8. Please upload the new blue print of model question paper of physics ,chemistry and maths with answers! Since that account has been suspended! I request you to upload important questions of electronics for 2nd puc

  9. I am Karnataka 2puc repeater student of science. My syllabus is not new(ncert or cbse). My exam is on old syllabus of 2puc Karnataka state. I want 2puc 2014 model question paper of pcmb with answer on old syllabus for repeater student. So please send me as soon as possible.

    1. Model Blue Print and Model Question Paper for I PUC Practical Subjects 2012-13 is available in the above link.

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