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Name of the Organization : Maharashtra Chief Electoral Officer Office (
Type of Facility : How to apply for Voter ID Card Online in Maharashtra?
Location : Mumbai

Website :

General Election to the State Assembly-2014 Schedule :
Check Voter ID Card Status  :

Update :
Photo Voter Slip 2014:

Online Voter Registration :
Who can file Form-6? :
1. First time applicant on attaining age of 18years or more on the first day of January of the year with reference to which the electoral roll is being revised.
2. Person shifting his / her place of ordinary residence outside the constituency in which he / she is already registered.

When Form-6 can be filed? :
1. The application can be filed after draft publication of electoral roll of the constituency. The application is to be filed within the specific days provided for the purpose. Due publicity is given about the above period when the revision programme is announced.
2. Only one copy of the application is to be filed.
3. Application for inclusion of name can be filed through out the year even when the revision programme is not going on. During non-revision period, application must be filed in duplicate.

Where to file Form-6? :
1. During revision period, the application can be filed at the designated locations where the draft electoral roll is displayed (mostly polling station locations) as well as the Electoral Registration Officer and Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency.
2. During other period of the year when revision programme is not going on, the application can be filed only with the Electoral Registration Officer.

How to Fill the Form-6? :
The application should be addressed to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency in which you seek registration. The name of the constituency should be mentioned in the blank space.

Name (With Documentary Proof) :
The name as it should appear in the electoral roll and Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) should be furnished. The full name except the surname should be written in the first box and surname should be written in the second box. In case you do not have a surname, just write the given name. Caste should not be mentioned except where the caste name is used as part of the elector’s name or a surname. Honorific appellations like Shri, Smt. Kumari, Khan, Begum, Pandit etc. should not be mentioned.

Age (With Documentary Proof) :
The age of the applicant should be eighteen or more on 1st January of the year with reference to which the electoral roll is being revised. The age should be indicated in years and months.

Example :
A person born on or upto 1/1/1991 will be eligible for inclusion in the electoral roll which is being revised with reference to 1/1/2009. Persons born on 2/1/1991 or thereafter upto 1/1/1992 shall be eligible for inclusion during the next revision with reference to 1/1/2010.

Sex :
Write your sex in full in the space provided e.g. Male / . Eunuchs have to choose from one of these options.

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Date of Birth (With Documentary Proof) :
Fill up the date of birth in figures in the space provided in dd/mm/yyyy.

Proof of date of birth to be attached are as under :
(i) Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authorities or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths or Baptism certificate; or
(ii) Birth certificate from the school (Govt. / Recognised) last attended by the applicant or any other recognised educational institution; or
(iii) Illiterate or semi-illiterate applicant who is not in possession of any of the above document are required to attach a declaration in prescribed format by either of the parents already included in the electoral roll in support of the applicants age. The format will be supplied on demand.

Note :
In the case of applicants born on or after 26.01.1989, only birth certificate issued by the Municipal Authorities or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths is acceptable.

Place of Birth :
In case born in India, please mention name of place like Village / Town, District, State.

Relation’s Name :
In case of unmarried applicant, name of Father / Mother is to be mentioned. In case of married applicant, name of Husband is to be mentioned. Strike out the inapplicable options in the column.

Place of Ordinary Residence :
Fill up the full and complete postal address including PIN code where you are ordinarily residing and want to get registered, in the space provided.

Proof of ordinary residence to be attached are as under :
(i) Bank / Kisan / Post Office current Pass Book, or
(ii) Applicants Ration Card / Passport / Driving License / Income Tax Assessment Order, or
(iii) Latest Water / Telephone / Electricity / Gas Connection Bill for that address, either in the name of the applicant or that of his / her immediate relation like parents etc., or
(iv) Postal department’s posts received / delivered in the applicant’s name at the given address.

Note :
If any applicant submits only ration card as proof of address, it should be accompanied by one more proof of address out of the above categories.

Details of Family Members Already Included in the Electoral Roll :
Please fill up name and other particulars of immediate family members i.e. Father / Mother / Brother / Sister / Spouse included in the current electoral roll of the constituency. Name of any other relation like uncle, aunt, cousin brother / sisters etc. not to be mentioned.

Register Online :

Note :
If your name is already included in the electoral roll of any other constituency, please write legibly the full previous address with PIN code.

If you already have been issued with a Photo Identity Card by the Election Commission, please mention the card number (printed on the front side) and date of issue (printed on the back side) of the card in the space provided. Please attach a self-attested photocopy of both sides of the card.

Contact Us :
Chief Electoral Officer, Maharashtra
Mumbai – 400 032

Helpline : 1800-22-1950 (Toll Free)
Fax : 022-22835698
E-mail :

Note: Use Internet Explorer

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  1. I have lost my voter card. I want new again but I don’t know the number of my voter card and also I don’t have any copy of my voter card. So please help me I only have the receipt when I fill up the form 6. Only 125/029 this number is shown on that receipt

  2. On 05/09/2014 I submitted my applications along with my 4 family members in Pune zilla parishad office as directed by E C commission Maharashtra and got the acknowledgement.The person told to collect the card after a month. Accordingly I visited the z p office and to my utter surprise nobody was there. I found a paper pasted on door stating the work of card distribution is shifted to Sasdhana highschool, 10 kms away from z p office. They should have given advertisement to avoid inconvenience to THOUSANDs.
    Then I visited Sadhana school but there was a big mess. Nobody was to attend people like me. On a wall I found paper stating names of various persons to whom card distribution work is allotted along with their phones. Since then i e 5/10/2014 I am contacting MrMahavir Thombare but within TWO months only once he responded my call stating that he will be back within TWO minutes. Even after TWO months I am waiting to finish his two minutes. From where I should get my cards?

    1. My & my wife’s name was registered vide WEH4022190 & WEH4022182 and we have been casting vote also but we have not received the voter id despite photo and other details available in electoral. I will be grateful if you can send our voter id on below address :

      C-410, PAM GRUH I, Manvelpada road, Virar (East) Dist Thane – 401305.


  3. There is lot of people in Mumbai do not have a voter id card and not registered in the voting list. This is the duty of election commission to register each and every citizen of the city. But I came to know that not 50% people do not have the name in the voting list. So please go to each and everybody’s home and register the name in the election list. Otherwise just told to people to vote. This the duty of government and election commission to register the every citizens name in the voting list.

    1. My voter ID card No. is TOS2132538 issued by electoral registration officer. I voted in MP election 2014 100 days before. I also voted for Municipal election also. But my name is not there in the voter list for the assembly election to be held on 15th inst. Whereas the names of other members of the family is there in the list. We have changed the residence. Within a period of 120 days how can my name disappear from the voter list. Kindly clarify and tell me what I should do now to include my name without visiting the office. I am a senior citizen.

  4. I don’t receive VOTER ID card from 25-09-2014 till today. Voter Id card number WEH4497103 & WEH4497095 was generated but not delivered. Please arrange to deliver original card as early as possible.
    Thanking You.

  5. I want to register my name in voters list 1st time and I already download application form. So can you provide me the address of offices nearby kharadi pune-411014 as today all offices are open. Other wise if any contact person name and mobile no.

  6. I have lots my voter Id. Voter I’d NYM7304520 but my name is no in voter list. Please confirm my name in voter list

  7. My voter id card no. is SA03109899 Pune. My name is Satish Raghavendra Murdeshwar. My address is Flat no. 302, Harihar Apartment, Lane No.8, Dahanukar colony, Kothrud, Pune 411038. Please confirm my name is on Voter’s List for the purpose of Voting on 15th Oct 2014 for Maharashtra Assembly Elections in Oct 2014.

  8. I don’t receive VOTER ID card from 13-01-2009 till today. Voter Id card number URB1283126 was generated but not delivered , please arrange to deliver original card as early as possible.
    Thanking You.

    1. I lost my voter id card. What is the process for new voter id? Please reply me for this address flat no.c 9 kalagram soc left bhusari colony .kothrud pune 38 .

  9. While my name appears in the voter’s list, I still do not have a voter ID card. I have applied for it earlier with all relevant documents but I have still not received the voter ID card.

    1. We would like to change our address.

      Old address……A-6 Naveen Bharat society , 10th rd, juhu scheme, Mumbai 400049


      New address…..A-62 Iris Park, Patel estate rd.jogeshwari (w) Mumbai 400102

  10. My voter card no. RYQ1413988 were lost before 2 years ago and 4 times.
    I tried to remake by Tahsil office in my area but system got failed down till the date. This card is so needful to me. How can you help me?

  11. I have applied voter id card but I could not receive any thing about it. I have my receipt of electoral roll form but I can not check it. What to do?

  12. I have to make correction in my voter id as I have to change my name and now am married also. So how should I apply for all these changes?

  13. My self rishikesh borkar , Age – 41 yrs. leaving in thakurli (e) I am submitting the election form in 2013 with pan card . But I do not get the election card. Can you help me?

    1. My self Rajesh Manohar Rane Age 39 yrs leaving in Vasai (east)
      I am submitting the election form 2013 with Pan Card. But I don’t get the election card. Can you help?

  14. Dear sir,
    My self Narendra Sharma , Age – 40 yrs. leaving in kamothe, navi Mumbai. I am submitting the election form in 2013 with pan card and rent agreement copy. But I do not get the election card. Can you help me?

  15. I have my voter id but my name & age is wrongly taken & my father’s name is not taken in voter id list. What can I do?

  16. I have voter ID but there are many errors. How do I correct this and where do I have to go in Mumbai 400049?

  17. Mine and my wife names were in the voting list of kharghar ( panvel ) our names were transferred from Mumbai kalachukey,our kala MT/o5/027/387567 for me and MT/05/027/387562. We voted in 2009 at kharghar but 2014 loksabha poll we found our names missing. Kindly clarify and now how to enter our names in voters list? thanks

  18. My voter id is prepared in Harayana but now I am in Maharashtra dist nasik in my native place . I want to cancel my Harayana voter id and prepared new in Maharashtra

  19. I am holding Voters ID card MT/06/032/351275 since 1.1.95. When I tried to find out whether my name is in the voters list, the line appears that my name is not in the voting list. What should I do? My voting day in Mumbai City on 24th April 2014.

  20. I have voted till date but now am married. I have removed my name from my old ward. But not added in new ward. So I think I cant vote tomorrow. Any solution for that?


    Please arrange to send them to the following address



  22. I have submitted form no 8 in month of aug-2013 but I have not received my voter id card. Please help me.

    1. My name is Shekhar Sampat Bulakhe ,&my election id card no is-sa05920251 but not receiving my voting id.

  23. S/o Mukund nagar,Bismillh,chawl,Room No-27 Dharavi Mumbai-17
    No name voter list.
    Please check form my name in voter list.
    Deepak balkrishnraj guru

  24. With my family (wife ,son & a girl) staying in virar west bolinj. I have aadhar card but no name in the voter list,also have pan card how to put my name in the voter list?
    sanjay datta.

  25. I have completed my registration for inclusion of my name online on the election commission website. Do I need to go to the regarding constituency to submit the form because its been a week that my status is still showing as pending. Kindly reply at the earliest

  26. MY Voter ID No. UEE2810729 . I still not received my voter id card . I have my name on electoral list 31/01/2014.

  27. The following Id Cards are not yet received
    Please arrange to send them to the following address
    Flat No.103,1st.floor,” L ” Bldg.
    Hanjar Nagar,Pump House,Andheri(East)
    Mumbai 400093

  28. As I heard in television news that the online registration of voter will be done till 21 march 2014. ,but the lines are not open till today. What is the way out?

  29. I have shifted to Talegaon Dabhade , Pune District, Pune -410506 , with my family from Dahisar (East), Mumbai-68, I have not yet filled up Form No. 6. What do I do now immediately to get my self registered as a Voter? Same applies to my wife also.

  30. I am filling form no 6 on 10/3/2014 and updating by online and uploading ration card ,Living certificate copy. Then also my name is not coming in voter list. Then please suggest me what can I do for that.

  31. How can I get my voter ID print online and from which web address?
    I have not received Voters ID of my wife (Deepali Bele id card noAIU6004543)

  32. Please intimate the nearest place where I can enroll my name with documents. I am a resident of Lokhandwala Kandivali east.

  33. Please correct my adress i.e. Ashoknagar ,Baramati .

    My Voter id no is XUA7352065

    Thank u
    Dr Jaypal J Chopade
    Ashoknagar, Baramati.

  34. I want to register my name in voters list 1st time. So can you provide me the address of offices nearby Andheri {west) as today all offices are open.

  35. My name is deleted from 138 KALYAN ASSEMBLY of Maharashtra.
    I again filled form no 6. Still my name isn’t admitted. What should I do now?

  36. I am ram bipin hesraj applied voter id card and I got it . But my fathers name is printed wrong. My fathers correct name is HANSRAJ. Now what to do ?

  37. I am Ram Anita Bipin applied for the Voter Id Card on 2007. I still not received my voter id card . I have my name on electoral list. What to do ?

  38. Hi,
    While my name appears in the voter’s list, I still do not have a voter ID card. I have applied for it earlier with all relevant documents but I have still not received the voter ID card.

  39. My name is T Rajeshwar Rao and my wife’s name is T Vijaya Gouri Rao. We had exercised our votes during the last Vidhan Sabha elections. However, it is now observed that our names are not appearing in the present list. Incidentally, we had also been photographed in Kandivali but also at AH college,Jogeshwari.

    My address was wrongly indicated as 204 Vasant Marvel Magnum -Western Express Highway, Borivali (E)
    My correct address is 204, Dhruv Apartment, Asha Nagar, Thakur Complex, Kandivali (East), Mumbai-400101. I request you to inform me of status of our voting rights please.
    (T Rajeshwar Rao)

  40. Actually none of my family member is in the voter list. And the last point in this says the description of family members already included in the voter list. Now what should I do?
    Thank you.

  41. My son name is Sukrut umakant avasarikar and my husband name is Umakant sahadeo avasarikar. When I apply for voter ID for my son I fill the form correctly but when I got my son’s voter card the name is wrongly entered – Umkant sahadeo avasarikar instead of Sukrut umakant avasarikar. I want to change this mistake. What can I do?

  42. My name got displayed in voter list but I don’t received voter I’d card. So what I need to do for getting voter I’d card.

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