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How to Get Legal Heir (Varisu) Certificate Tamilnadu?

Name of the Organization : Tamilnadu Government (
Type of Facility : How to Get Legal Heir (Varisu) Certificate Tamilnadu?
Location : Chennai

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Legal Heir Certificate :
If the head or a member of the family expires, the next direct legal heir of the deceased such as the wife or husband or son or daughter or mother may apply for legal-heirship certificate on application for the purpose of transferring Electricity connection, House Tax, Telephone connection/patta transfer, Bank Account, etc. If the person who died is a Government servant, legal heir certificate is issued for sanction of family pension, and for getting appointment on compassionate grounds.

Eligibility :
Wife or Husband or Son or Daughter or Mother may apply for legal-heirship certificate

Instructions :
** A legal heir certificate is issued by the government for those individuals whose parent/husband is dead without leaving a will.
** To establish relationship for claims relating to Insurance, pension, retirement benefits or service benefits of central and state government departments, Government undertakings etc.
** In legal succession cases to get succession certificate to establish the relationship
** To get employments for example compassionate appointments.
** Approach the District Thasildar office with the death certificate and produce the form.
** All required documents to be submit while lodging the application.
** It will take around a month to process all the necessary information and receive the certificate.

Required Information :
** Deceased name
** Family member Names and Relationship
** Applicant Signature
** Date of Application
** Residential Address

Procedure :
The application to be made at Taluk office for issue of legal-heirship certificate should contain death certificate in original obtained from the competent authority and court fee stamp of Re.2/- affixed on the application.
Based on the report of the Village Administrative Officer and Revenue Inspector and after due enquiry, this certificate is issued by the Tahsildar mentioning the names of all legal heirs of the deceased.

Required Documents :
** Death certificate
** Identity Card
** Ration card
** Prescribed application form

Download Form:…egalheir_0.pdf

Fees :
Stamp of Re.2/-

Validity :
Birth Certificate Valid Forever

Office Locations & Contacts :
Concerned Department Taluk offices under Revenue Department

Apply Online & Track Application Status:


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  2. I am Widower 5 months before husband expired, he constructed a house Amma house land details of his mother after his death she is telling so many reasons to complete it. Even not given her Aadhar card to apply legal heir certificate I have 2 kids

  3. My uncle had a property in Madikeri, Karnataka. To convert it to his children’s name we have submitted the death certificate, legal heir certificate and ID proofs. The Tahsildar is asking for a family tree which needs to be obtained from Chennai and it has to be done online. Please guide us how to do it.

  4. I have varisu certificate(xerox copy only not original it is in 1996)for my grandma. That xerox copy is not clear. So VAO was not accepted to transfer the patta to me. What can I do? How can I apply varisu certificate or can I ask rti act? Will they give that original varisu certificate? Please help me.

  5. My husband expired in 1989. A few years back my father in law expired. I have 2 daughters who are married. Now while applying for the legal heir certificate for my father in law should I include my name and my 2 children names along with my 2 sister in law names?

  6. My father died in October 2016. He died in Tharapuram government hospital. In the death certificate permanent address is addressed as Tharapuram district. Me and my mother are living in Karur for the past 30 years. The address in our family ration card is Karur address. So I need legal heir certificate to be addressed to my Karur address and not to Tharapuram address. Kindly help me.

  7. My Father expired on Jan 2016. So I want to change the permanent Address in Death certificate to get heir certificate. But Thasildar asking G.O to change the permanent Address. He doesn’t know the G.O. Please help.

  8. My grandmother is 16 years above died. How can I register?

  9. I, being the eldest brother of my deceased brother who died in July,2015 applied for legal-heirship certificate in r/of my younger brother who died in July,2015. We are 5 brothers & 2 sisters. Our parents already expired. A doubt has been raised, whether there is provision to issue legalheir-ship certificate to Me? Kindly guide me in this regard.

  10. My great grandfather is 60 years above died. How to register?


  12. Adding mother name is compulsory?

  13. My father expired as state govt pensioner. If I am supposed to be apply for obtaining legal heir certificate as of his son, could I be eligible for getting partial pension and other death claim?

    If I am nominating my sister ( widower)as legal heir for getting the benefits instead of me, what are all the procedures to be followed before applying for legal heir certificate?
    Please be guide in legal term.

  14. My father aged 64 years expired in 2015 his mother is still alive. She is living individual in other house from 40 years. My father was elder son & then 3 sisters,1 brother ,NOW In legal heirs certificate VAO added her name. Is this compulsory?

  15. I am having ration card and voter in in my own house address but I am having my husband death certificate in my brothers house address. How can I get legal heir certificate?

    1. No need to worry. You can do all your needs for further process.

  16. My father died in 2004 at Manamadurai (Sivagangai dt). My family transferred to Madurai after my dad death. Now how to get legal heirship certificate. Can I apply in Madurai or Manadurai?


    1. Ya sure you can get the legal heirship certificate for your mother.

  18. Can legal heir certificate be downloaded online?

  19. I did not maintain the ration card , so the ration card is in valid. So I did not get the vaarisu certificate . My husband died in 2012 Nov 23
    Since I did not get what can I do ? Please help me

    1. Please go the Tahisdhar office along with your husband death certificate. Buy Legal heirship form fill it up and submit to the office. They will guide you.

  20. Can I get a Varisu certificate for my mother’s dad asset?

  21. My mother expired on 10.6.2015. My brother apply LLR certificate. I have some family problem. My father has not come to VAO office to put signature. What can I do?

  22. Is there a way to submit grievances or track the status for obtaining the legal heir certificate? because it’s been more than three months and we haven’t received the legal heir certificate.
    The officers are expecting for “more” bribe and hence delaying the process.

  23. Recently a month back my father expired at Hyderabad due to health reasons during his stay with me and I am only one son to my father. I got the death certificate from hyderabad Municipal corporation.
    We have some agricultural lands in Tamilnadu. It is our ancestral property and after my grand father death it was transferred to my father name having the certificate from revenue concerned dept. Now I wanted to transfer the same to my name. So what is the exact procedure? Can you please advise me?

  24. My residence is in chennai but my father dead in my native place in Kanchepuram dist. I got death certificate in name of Kanchepuram dist. Can I apply the legal heir (varisu) certificate in chennai corporation?

  25. Can a daughter get a legal heir certificate in advance when their parents are aged & alive? Two daughters & Only one son.

  26. I am alive.
    Whether my son can get the legal heir certificate for later use ?


  28. There is any other way to get legal heir certificate without passed away persons id card and ration card.

  29. My father get expired in February 2015 in Madurai. His name was not entered in our ration card since beginning, as he was living in Madurai and we live in Chennai. But we have another ration card in his name where he lived. We have already obtained a Death Certificate in original in my father’s name from that place. Now I am in need of a Legal Heir Certificate. Can you please help me?

  30. My father beyond 50 years ago. I have not obtained death certificate. How to obtain legal heir certificate now?

  31. My Father lived and passed away in Chennai however I have been living in Bangalore. Will this cause any problems in obtaining legal heir certificate? Also after how many days after the date of death will the certificate be uploaded/available in the Chennai Corporation website?


  32. My father had two wives. Both are sisters and they are both expired. Father also expired. Father has one house in his name and two houses in the second wife name. First wife and second wife has 4 children each. I am the first son of first wife of my father. Now, how the properties could be divided even though daughters of both wives had some money earlier against properties. But the second wife daughters claim houses which are in the name of their mother i.e father’s second wife. We are 3 brothers and 5 sisters.
    Could you tell the legal points and how shall the properties be divided.

    Mohan, 6th March 2015 at 2.37p.m.






    1. death certificate download

  34. My mother died in 2013. So I want the varisu certificate because the property is in my name. What procedure I need to get the certificate ?

  35. My mother died in 2013. So I want the varisu certificate because the property is in my name.

  36. My brother passed away in 1994. He divorced his first wife and had a second marriage, a varisu certificate was obtained mentioning second wife , her son, my father and my mother as legal heir, first wife daughter has obtained a separate certificate after 15 years. All the above mentioned five shared P.F.. equally. My parents are no more, can we get a new certificate? What is the status of my mother and fathers name?

  37. My mother’s elder sister passed away at Chennai. She has written a will on my name. How do I obtain legal heirship certificate ? If so who is the competent issuing authority in Chennai ?

  38. I am staying in chennai and my brother also stays in chennai in different area. My mother who lived in chennai visited me on 27.08.2014. She stayed with me for one month. Suddenly she fell sick and we hospitalized her on 22.09.2014 at G.H. After four days she died on 25.09.2014. While admitting her in the hospital my brother by oversight gave his chennai address as my mother’s permanent address and the same is reflected in death certificate too. But in my mother’s ration card Coimbatore address is given as her permanent address. Now we want legal heir certificate. May I know where should we apply for that since Coimbatore officials are saying we should apply in chennai and chennai officials are saying we should get it from Coimbatore. Please let me know the correct guidance as to where I should apply as I am very much in a pressure to get the legal heir certificate as the property disposal is ahead.

  39. My mother expired in 2013. We are two brothers and require the Varisu certificate. I do not have the ration card,please advice if there is any other document that can be given?

  40. Hi,

    Need help to know to how to obtain Varisu certificate. The background is : My father expired in 2002 and there was a case in his name in the court which got completed/over 2 years ago. We (Mother, myself and sister) all stay in Bangalore wherein my father born and brought up in Tamil Nadu. There is a PF amount of my Father which my mother has to claim, the PF department is asking for a Varisu certificate. In Karnataka we have got a certificate called ” Family Tree” as they are not issuing any Vasiru certificate. But this Family Tree certificate is not accepted by PF department in Tamilnadu. So now I need to obtain Varisu certificate in Tamilnadu, Vaiyampatti, Manaparai Taluk where my father born. When we approached VAO office they are saying the Varisu certificate can be issued only within one year of death after that we need to approach court for a letter based on that only VAO office can issue Varisu certificate. Please help on what are the ways to obtain the Varisu certificate in this case. Thanks

    1. There is a Madurai HC ruling that Revenue officers or Thasildars cannot reject the application for obtaining Legal heir certificate just because it has been delayed. Published in Hindu, March 25 2014. So that cannot be the grounds for rejection.

  41. My father passed away in July 2014. Before his death he had registered his settlement deed. Is it necessary to get legal heir certificate in my brothers and my name? Please clarify.

  42. My daughters marriage had taken place at Salem (Register Marriage Certificate available). My grand daughter born at Trichy (Birth Certificate Available). My daughter, due to liver problem expired at Miot Hospital at Chennai on 24.10.2014 (Death certificate available) But their residence is at Bangalore. can I (father) apply for legal heir certificate at Trichy? or should apply at Bangalore for legal heir certificate?

  43. My grandmother expired at cheyyar and I had got death certificate at Cheyyar T.Vmalai dist. But she is a permanent resident at nanganallur ,alandhur taluk. So where should I apply for legal heir certificate?

  44. Nobody get died in family but legal- heirship certificate for family member required. Who is head and who is the legal heir? It it possible to get? What is the procedure?

  45. Where is thashildar office for Chitlapakkam area?

  46. Where is the Tasildar’s Office for Mylapore Village Chennai

  47. I was planning to buy a property and there is one legal heirship certificate for the same. How to verify whether the certificate is original or fake. Kindly give me an idea.

  48. My father expired on 2003. We have legal heir certificate. In that my mother’s name, my name, my sister’s name and my grandfather’s name (my father’s father).
    My grandfather expired on 2010. My grandpa has two more son and one daughter also.
    In my father’s name a house is there. To transfer that property to my mom (or my name), do we need to get sign from our father’s siblings? We have death certificate for my father and grandfather. Grandmother is no more.
    Are our father’s siblings have right on my father’s property?

  49. My father died in the month of Oct 2014. We are 2 brothers and 1 sister. My brother who was in the army died in a road accident about 20 years ago at J&K. I do not have a death certificate to be produced to the VAO. What is the alternative? The legal heir certificate process is pending. Please advice. My place of residence is chennai

  50. My wife died on 16.07.2007. I will get death certificate at mechery municipal office ay mettur taluk. Now I required legal heirship certificate. How to get certificate? Now I am living in Chennai. Kindly help

  51. My sister-in-law applied for legal heir certificate to Tahsildar Saidapet chennai in November 2014 but so far no inquiry seems to have been made nor any intimation in this regard despite lapse of about 2 months. What to do now? How to get it?

  52. My father was died. I want to apply legal heir certificate online. Is anything possible?

  53. My father died in 2003. My mother is going to apply for legal heir certification. I am a married daughter and I had one sister (she is no more and she was married and had one son). We will take care of her son and her husband got second marriage. Do we need to include her name or her son’s name in the legal heir certificate application. What is the procedure? or is my name enough. Please clarify.

  54. My mom expired on December 2011. I got my legal heir certificate and missed it. How to get another one?

  55. My mother died in Aug 2002. But I forgot to get the legal heirship certificate. Somebody told me to approach civil court for getting the same. Can I receive it from Tehsildar? Is it compulsory to approach court to get it? What is the procedure? Please clarify.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. It is a fact that in many cases Court has issued orders not reject the application submitted for issue of legal heirship certificate on the ground of delay in making application by applicant. However, even now some of the Revenue officials are pushing the applicant to approach the court. As per Court orders legal heir certificate should be issued by Taluk Office normally.

  56. I do not have a ration card. What other documents can be produced for legal heir certificate?


  57. How to apply Legal Heir Certificate by online? Please explain

  58. My mother died in 2013. I have taken all certificates Death certificate, legal-heirship certificates and I am applying compassionate ground job for my brother. My father and me also given the non objection certificates for my brother job. But my question is I am serving in Indian army. So any problem to produce of application of compassionate ground job for my brother?

  59. I am a NRI under work permit along with my mother (housewife) living with us & 4 siblings working abroad. My father passed away in August 2014. We applied for legal heir certificate for my mother & siblings. As we are NRIs we don’t have ration card or voter id for my family members. In this case what documents can we submit for availing legal heir certificate? We have our passports in current address along with property tax receipts, EB & gas bill. With the current existing documents can we get a legal heir certificate?

  60. My father passed away 6 months back. We got the legal heir certificate from the taluk office, but it specifies only for pension facility for my mother. How to include that the legal heir certificate is valid for name transfer for EB, Phone, Water & other bank transactions?
    Please guide us asap.

  61. MY BROTHER EXPIRED DURING 2012. I got Legal Heir Certificate ( His wife and Mother as Legal Heir) because he does not have any siblings. My brothers wife expired last month. Whether I have to apply fresh legal heir for my mother? or shall I
    use the existing Legal Heir for all the purpose.

    I was told Legal Heir will not be issued to Mother in Law so you she can use existing Legal Heir certificate of his son.
    Please guide.

  62. My husband purchased property at Coimbatore before 12 years, the property owner did not give the legal heir & death certificate. But now we need this one. Because we go to loan, they ask the details. Now what can I do that?.

  63. My grand father died in 05/10/1999. But we family did not get the legal heir certificate from taluk office. Last 4 years before we apply the legal heir certificate,that certificate says not possible for the get in court with law. But last week we applied for the court but that certificate had not accepted. Again apply not get new legal heir certificate from taluk office. Again we applied possible or not, because we already got it. What is the procedure to get the certificate?

    Thanking You

  64. I have only Xerox copy of Legal heir Ship Certificate of my Parents which I got in March 1997. And the Original one was misplaced.
    What I have to do to get New Original Legal Heir Ship Certificate?

  65. We are trying to apply for a lega heir ship certificate for my father in law. He has a property . My query is , do we need to submit the property documents along with application or submit the copy of the property documents to the inspector when he arrives for inspection? If so, Why do they require the property documents as we have submitted the identity proof , address proof and death certificate along with the application?

  66. My grand father expired in 1998. My grand mother expired in Dec 2004. Both death certificates are in my hand. I have applied for varisu certificate. My mother is the only daughter. The tasildar told after 10 years it will automatically go to the govt. i I have applied death certificate ,varisu form and news paper advertisement. How can I get in 2 months period?


  68. 1. How much cost to get heir certificate?.
    2. If any direct checking from Talidar office because we are in rent house recently we shifted.
    3. In dead of my mother grandpa (1985) how can I get vaairu certificate?

    1. arunachalavelavan[AT]

      First of all you must get death certificate and then you can proceed further

    2. Is father a legal heir after death benefits of the deceased male employee?

    3. I am one of the Son of v . Ganesa sastriga daid at Nov 1997. I applied for legal heir certificate from taluk office . k k nagar on 2007. They gave me the mother certificate not produced. So go through court. My mother died at cancer institute Adyar on Sep 1991 . and found her date after finishing 2 years. I got it in Feb 2014. Then I applied the same. I mentioned my brothers and sisters name and ages also. There is no connection between us due to one lawyers Advice announces an public notice in the News paper to gave time to contact. But there is no responsible. I also gave these evidence with my application properly. But the RI told that the application accepted with in 10 years from the date of death. Then he asked how can I believe that you are the son of your father. (My father lived in the past year the ration card ( 1992 ) Xerox also submitted. Now he is asking how can I verify with out original ration card ( 1992 ). At last they neglect this application form after 4 moths. I do not know why they are doing like this. How can I get the legal heir certificate from taluk office or how can I report the superiors?

  69. Hello Folks,

    In Legal Heir Certificate, one of the legal heirs of the deceased is mentioned as deceased . Should Talshidar include his legal heirs if he married?

    1. Sure, all the legal heirs whether they are married or not , should come in the legal heirship certificate, it is must.

  70. My husband passed away year back. I stay in Bangalore. Want to get a legal heir certificate to transfer the property in tamil nadu to my name

    How do I proceed for this?

    1. First of all you must get the death certificate of your husband and after that you must get the legal heirship certificate duly including your name along with the kids of you. After that you must get the original document of the property along with the patta or TSLR copy and make a document duly transferring the property of your husband to your name. You may approach the document writers or a local lawyer for further assistance. Also mention the city which the property is located

    2. A person working in a foreign firm died ,unmarried,he had a group insurance cover, taken by the company in Bangalore. His parents ,and one sister are residents of Kolkata, all are to be the legal heir and where from the certificate will be issued for claiming the money from the employer Bangalore or kolkata?

  71. Since I have lost the original death certificate, Can I submit a copy of this along with the application for legal heir certificate?

  72. Can a son or daughter get a legal heir certificate in advance when their parents are aged & alive? Son or daughter are only child. Is it not advisable to have the certificate to avoid delay?

    1. Lalitha Rajagopalan

      My father died at Ghazhiabhad (UP) when he went to see his son. He is a widower and state govt pensioner drawing pension through Dt Treasury Thanjavur under pilot scheme SBI Thanjavur Main branh. He is alone and I am taking care of him. He does not have any ration card. Address proof is only Savings Bank Pass book issued by SBI Thanjavur and identity book issued by Treasury for Health scheme. I have a younger brother and a sister. I submitted the following documents to obtain legal heir certificate.
      1. Death certificate original
      2 His Savings bank pension pass book issued by SBI
      3. Copy of my brother’s Election card and Adhar card
      4. my younger sister’s Passport and Adhar card copy.
      5. My adhar card. 6 My mother’s death certificate copy.

      The Tahsildar’s forwarded my stamped application to RI-RI forwarded to VAO- VAO verified all the details as per requirements and forwarded to RI with recommendations. RI after scrutiny forwarded to Tahsildar. The paper rests with Tasildar office.
      Do I have to do any thing more to obtain the legal certificate?

    2. I like to have legal heir certificate when we,father,mother,son and daughter are alive in advance. What is the procedure?

  73. My friend agreed to purchase a flat from a builder and paid entire sale consideration and with in short period with out making sale deed and sale registration builder died, on request wife and two children (one son aged 19yr and dougher 12year) of deceased person was made sale deed. for the miner child as a natural guardian mother sigened on behalf of minor child.
    At that time we are not known about legal heir certificate. Is that sale deed is acceptable. Please give advice.

  74. My mother passed away last month. I need to transfer her bank balance to my account. My father was died in 1975. He worked as a teacher in government high school. So my mother got pension from Tamilnadu government. For this purpose I need a heir certificate for heir certificate.
    What I have to do now?

  75. Last month my father & mother expired in chennai. I need to get legal heir certificate. Kindly guide how to get the same

  76. My husband passed away 1 year before. I have no children also my father is a retired railway employee and getting railway pension. I have no income. I am living with my father income only. Is it possible after my father to get pension?

    1. Possibilities are there to get pension

  77. My father died 18 yrs back. Two wives for him. I am 2nd wife son. For first wife 3 children and for 2nd wife 2 including me. If we are all divided property by paga pathiram then after that can we get varisu certificate or not? is there any chance as 1st wife sons alone get varisu certificate with out including our name. If they get illegally how can I oppose that? Another problem if anyone did not get means what is the possible to get varisu certificate combinely? Please rectify my issue

    Can we include one of legal heir passed away after 23 yrs. Can we add his name in legal heirship certificate?

  78. Hi,
    What are the documents needed by an NRI to get a legal heir certificate?
    An NRI cannot legally own a Ration card. I do not want to get it illegally. I am not a citizen or resident of India and thus no ration card.
    Could you please advise on documents needed? I can provide identity with my passport. I can provide everything on the “required documents” list except the ration card. I have my father’s ration card but my name is not included there. Is this sufficient? Please advise.

    1. Hi padma,
      Did you get any answer for your question.( How to get legal heir certificate for nri) one of my friend having the same problem. They are not able to withdraw money from bank.

  79. We applied certificate 2 months back but whenever we go and ask they keep saying come next day. They should not ask us to wait like this, they should tell the exact date and time when they could do and finish.

    Is there a way we can escalate this to their higher officials?

  80. An application duly filled and completed two months back all the formalities completed for legal heirship. Local officer RI and verification done from him and still waiting for certificate , when contacted in local RI office. The same reply we receives that it will be issued in next week but still not received . Where should I contact and how to know the status?

  81. I want to know the details for all the purposes for the legal heirship certificate is issuing. If anybody has any link and video please send to me
    My grandfather has died in 1993. Till now we did not know about legal hiership certificate that now we planning to change the property name for that we need that certificate. I want to know what are the reasons for getting this certificate. How secure I can get the certificate to avoid the future conflicts. Please let me know the details for the legal hiership certificate.

  82. My father died in 1975. We obtained a legal heirship certificate in 1991, which gives the names of his wife and surviving children. The purpose is stated as “transfer of property”.
    Now as the Pay and Accounts Officer of the Department of Technology Government of India to whom my mother applied for inclusion of her daughter’s name for family pension after her has asked her to “(1) obtain a recently issued legal heirship certificate (2) the purpose should be stated therein should be “for obtaining family pension”.
    Is it possible now, nearly 40 years after the death of my father, to get a legal heirship certificate a fresh “for the purpose of family pension”? One of the legal heirs has since died. Will it be necessary to produce a death certificate? Or would my mother’s affidavit be enough?

  83. I have lost the original a copy of Heir certificate. I wish to apply for the duplicate one. Please let me know how to apply through online keeping the copy of earlier one,when I visited to sub register office, they inform I need to follow the basic rules which I did to get the certificate initially. Is there any option to get the heir certificate through online?

  84. My mother executed a will in my favor regarding an immovable property. It was executed with oral consent of my two elder sisters who signed witnesses to the said will. My mother expired in the year 1996. Since I want to sell the property I applied for legal heir certificate in March 2014 in the format obtained from Thasildar. As required by the VAO of my village I got the names of 10 persons in my neighborhood with their signatures and addresses on the back of the application. After sometime the VAO returned the application with written remarks “As more than 18 years have elapsed since the death of the person the it is quite complicated to verify the heirship. Hence the applicant can apply through Court of Justice for legal heir certificate.” Is there any rule barring me from getting legal heir certificate for Local Revenue Authorities since I applied belatedly after 19 years from the death of my mother. Please clarify with relevance of Rules prevailing in Tamilnadu.




      I have also applied Legal heir certificate after my father death. VAO said that apply through Court of Justice for legal heir certificate. I am also trying through court.

    3. My father expired about 15 yrs back. My mother was with me. I am the only son. I have two sisters. My mother expired last year. For getting the legal heir certificate what is to be done? In the form they ask details of all. Whether sister names are also to be included? Mother has written a will stating that the property she has ( House) are gifted by her father to her. ie my mother’s father and my grand father. Please guide.


  86. We have a case where other party(illegal party) approaching and asking for legal heir. How do we deal this?

  87. My age is 80. My husband died on 2010. I want to include my name in varisu certificate in my father property. Is it possible to get varisu certificate by showing my husband ration card?

  88. My father passed away in 2002 January. What would be procedure to apply for legal heirship certificate? Is it the same as mentioned in other replies or would it be different?

  89. My father died in the year 2003. The property is in my father’s name. So what can I do?

  90. My grandmother died in 2012. The property is in the name on my grandmother. So I need to change all the documents. My father is the only son of my grandmother, but he is died in 2002. I applied legal certificate but I could not get. Tasidar told me to go to court. I need the suggestion.

  91. My grand mother died in 2012. The property is in my grand mother name. My father is the only son of my grandmother, but he is also died in 2002. I could not get the varisu certificate, thasildar told me to go to court. I need to get that certificate?

    1. My grandfather has expired on 7.11.1963. He had three sons and only one daughter (my aunty). All the three sons were died. Now my aunty lives in Trichy. But the property is in my grandfather’s name at Tuticorin. In this case where my aunty will apply for legal heir certificate whether it is at Trichy or at Tuticorin?

      Please reply me as soon as possible.

  92. My father died in 2006, and My brother died in 2002, but the property is in my brother name. But mother is alive. So I want the varisu certificate. What procedure I need to do to get the certificate ?

  93. I have two questions:

    First, I belong to Pondicherry. Whether the procedure for obtaining heir certificate is same in both Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry!

    Second, My mother died in 2013. She is second wife of my father. I am first son of my mother and I have one younger brother!
    So totally we are 2 (two) son’s for my mother and I have 3 (three) step elder brothers who born for my fathers first wife! So now my doubt is who has the proper rights to obtain my mothers properties? Either my father or myself or my younger brother! Right now I am working in France! So is it possible to obtain heir certificate either for me or my younger brother or for both of us!

    Thank you in advance!

  94. My mother’s father passed away recently. He was married twice. My mother was born to first wife,the second wife had a boy ,but both of them ie second wife and her son passed away very long back,in the 1960. We don’t have any death certificate for that. My grandfather wrote a will before he died, he gave all of his properties to me. I have two sisters. He stated no body having any rights on his property including my mother except me. My mother can look after him ,but she don’t have any rights to sell,or donate to some one.
    Now I want to change the properties to my name…
    1. Do i need a legal heir certificate for that?
    2. All the properties are in my great grandfathers name with in their family ,the separated the properties with their brothers…
    so,how can I change the name?
    3.I went to VAO office to get the legal heir certificate for my mother and me. He told my grandfather married twice,so I should get the legal heir certificate from the court only. He will not be authorized to issue a certificate for this case. How can I apply to the court?

  95. I have obtained a legal heirship certificate excluding my step sister name. Because of this my step sister is unable to register the settlement deed in registration office as the registrar is objecting it. I have birth certificate of my step sister mentioning father’s name. The first wife of my father got legally separated and I was for his second wife i.e my mother. Please advise how to include stepsister name in the legal heirship certificate so as to complete the registration process,

  96. Hi Friends,

    I am writing this to seek your valuable help in getting the information related to obtaining Legal Heir certificate for my cousin who died in London.Our side lawyer who is running the compensation claim case is asking for Legal Heir certificate for the deceased person issued by the District Collector. He claims the one issued by Tahsildar is not enough to submit before the overseas court.

    I read from some of the article in the web that the same certificate can be issued by Tahsildar/Sub-collector/Collector. Is this correct when it comes to Tamil Nadu? Please advice me the process for getting the Legal certificate from District Collector.

    Much awaiting for your guidance in this regards.

    Thank you so much

    1. Based on the report of the Village Administrative Officer and Revenue Inspector and after due enquiry, this certificate is issued by the Tahsildar mentioning the names of all legal heirs of the deceased.

  97. What is the procedure and documents required for the only major daughter to apply legal heir certificate after the death of her father. Father and mother of the girl got divorced at least six years ago. Major daughter is living with mother since divorce.

    1. Required Documents :
      ** Death certificate
      ** Identity Card
      ** Ration card
      ** Prescribed application form

  98. Radhakrishnan subramanian

    We are residing and working in Mumbai. Our father having a property in Tambaram taluk . We try to acquire the legal heir certificate at Thane. But the Thasildar refused to give the legal heir certificate at Thane and advised me to get it from Tamilnadu. Since we are not having a residence at Chennai the revenue official refused and asked me to give a proof of address in their jurisdiction. Where shall I get the legal heir certificate? If it is delayed it will be occupied by the Anti-social elements.
    I trust that this is the right of the citizen of India and issuing the certificate also the duty of the Executive Magistrate. In such a condition the Thasildar cum Executive Magistrate can rely upon the oral evidence duly filed as a affidavit by the person as well as by the witness is it not?

  99. My grand mother died last year. She had 1 son(MY Father) and 2 daughters.
    We have one house on my grandma’s name registered. In order to change that to my mother’s name we need varisu certificate. Should we include my grand mother’s 2 daughters name? or my father name and my mother name alone is enough?

    Please reply me as soon as possible.

    1. Eligibility :
      Wife or Husband or Son or Daughter or Mother may apply for legal-heirship certificate

    2. Thank you and that’s fine. Do we need to include daughter’s name in that varisu certificate?

    3. Legal Heirs of the deceased should be included in the application form FOR LEGAL HEIRSHIP CERTIFICATE.

    4. But since, other legal heirs (two daughters) didn’t apply for LEGAL HEIR SHIP CERTIFICATE, do we all also need to include their name ? .

      Is it compulsory to include all the legal heirs of deceased (example : deceased wife/husband name, deceased mother and father name, deceased son’s name and deceased daughter’s name). If so, do we need to get signature from all of them(those who are alive) for the applicant to be legal heir?

      And to change the property from the deceased to Single particular heir (here deceased son), other legal heirs approval is needed?

    5. Who are the legal heirs?

  100. My Father got expired on 1996 at my home due to illness. Till now we didn’t apply for death certificate. Shall we apply it now and get it? and can you please explain me the procedure to proceed further.

  101. My father in law wants to take legal heir for him to connect with his great grandfather,grandfather both of them born and died in Coimbatore. Whether we should apply in Coimbatore or Chennai? Sincer his father who’s death was taken place at Chennai.

    1. Radhakrishnan subramanian

      It is more than three decades and your father also living in Chennai permanently. So the Thasildar is entitled to issue the certificate after verifying your residential proof as well as the necessary oral evidence.

  102. My father is the only legal heir of his deceased unmarried younger brother died intestate. As my father’s elder brother already died 40 years before he have no sisters also. Now heirs of deceased elder brother is arguing and claiming the legal heir certificate from Thahsildar. Please guide me in this regard.

  103. My co-brother died on 09.02.2014. We got death certificate and also want Legal heir certificate his family staying in T.Nagar
    Where to apply legal heir certificate

    1. The application to be made at Taluk office for issue of legal-heirship certificate should contain death certificate in original obtained from the competent authority and court fee stamp of Re.2/- affixed on the application.
      Based on the report of the Village Administrative Officer and Revenue Inspector and after due enquiry, this certificate is issued by the Tahsildar mentioning the names of all legal heirs of the deceased.

  104. My Mother passed away last month (Jan 2014). I need to apply for Legal Heir certificate. Where exactly I should submit the application? Is it in the Taluk office, where the property is, or where can I get the Death Certificate of my mother?

  105. My mother died in 1996. So I wnat the varisu certificate because the property is in my mother name. My father can do second marriage , the village officer tell us that since your mother death in 1996, you should not get the varisu certificate in Thasildhar , revenue inspector. You need to go to the court to get the certificate. What procedure I need to get the certificate ?

    1. Procedure :
      The application to be made at Taluk office for issue of legal-heirship certificate should contain death certificate in original obtained from the competent authority and court fee stamp of Re.2/- affixed on the application.
      Based on the report of the Village Administrative Officer and Revenue Inspector and after due enquiry, this certificate is issued by the Tahsildar mentioning the names of all legal heirs of the deceased.

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