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Name of the Organization : Maharashtra Directorate of Employment and Self Employment (
Type of Facility : How to register for employment exchange through online in maharashtra?
Location : Navi Mumbai

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Website :

Job Seeker :
Services Offered :
** Online Registration & Updation of Job Seekers.
** Online Vacancies for Regular/Temporary Recruitment, Employment Promotion Programme, etc.
** Facility to view advertised Vacancies – Govt. / Private Sector – 48,000 Plus Employer.
** Availability of Multiple choices for searching suitable matching jobs through Job Mapping facility.
** Facility to create individual CV’s.
** Facility to view Pagelet (Personal, Submission, Assessment Results, Skill Training details etc.)
** Facility to submit online Applications for Jobs.
** Facility to view schedule and online enrollment for Assessment, Counseling, EPP / Training, and Job Fair.
** Facility to receive E-mail & SMS Alerts for Matching jobs, Job Fair schedule, Submission Details, Interview Schedule, Selection, etc.
** Facilities to view information about our schemes like EPP, Job Fair, Skill Development, Seva Society, Vocational Guidance, Self-Employment, etc.

Online Registration :

Instructions For Job Seekers :-
** Fill the Registration Form completely & carefully.
** Register your Qualifications, Skills and Experience correctly.
** To get timely communication, please mention your correct Mailing Address, Phone No, Mobile No, Email-Id etc.
** Update your personal data time to time to avail our services and to get updated information about matching jobs.
** It is mandatory to update your profile or login at least once in a year to avail our value-added services.
** Please remember your Registration Number; User ID and Password to avail our services.

You Can do your registration through :-
Website,gths,govt.polytechnics,engineering Colleges,maha E-seva Kendras,hand Held Operator,employment And Self Employment Offices.

Self Employment :
Schemes for Self Employments are implemented by various departments of State Government, Central Governments, State Undertakings / Corporations and Banks to promote and motivate the unemployed youth. Information regarding the ongoing schemes in the Maharashtra state are posted here and available to any aspiring individual or community.

Facilities For Job Seekers :
** Online Search to View, Select & Print information of Self-Employment schemes like Schemewise (150+), Agencywise (31+ Depts), Caste Categorywise, Non-Loan Schemes etc.
** Online Search to View, Select & Print various suitable businesses based on Capital Investment, Sector, etc.
** Availability of 250+ sample Project Reports
** Availability of information about various List of Documents, Permits, Licenses, NOC etc. required for Business
** Online submission of Self-Employment Loan application.
** Online Self-Employment Loan Application Tracking System
** Loan EMI Calculator

Facilities For Self Employement Schemes Implementing Agencies :
Registration And Login facility to add & update information of various schemes of Self-Employment.

Kamgar Katta :
An electronic space for skilled, unskilled, semiskilled worker from unorganized sector to display their services and for citizens to contact them.

Facilities For Service Providers :
** Online Registration & Updation (Personal Data) of Service Providers.
** Facility to view Service Seekers requirement and their contact details.
** Auto Facility to receive E-mail & SMS of contact details of Service Seekers .

Instruction :
Renewal of Registration is mandatory after 1 year within a month. It can be done through this web portal, mobile, kiosk, handheld device etc. for Renewal.

Facilities For Service Seekers :
** Online Posting of Service Requirement.
** Availability of online data of registered Job Providers with various qualifications & skill set (e.g. Plumber, Wiremen, Driver, Maid Servant, Electrician, House keeper, Labour, etc.)
** Availability of Multiple choices for getting suitable Service Provider through various searches like Skill wise, Experience wise, Location wise, Qualification wise, etc.
** Auto Facility to receive E-mail & SMS of contact details of Service Providers .
** Rating system is available; hence quality of work may be possible.

Job Seekers / Employers – Do you need help?
Then kindly contact at the below mentioned address.

Employment,Self Employment & Skill Development, Konkan Bhavan,
3rd Floor, CBD Belapur,
Navi Mumbai,
Pin Code.- 400614

Phone No. :

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  1. I’m 12th pass and completed tailoring course in board. Please reply for job.

  2. I want to renew online of my (add my higher education and other education on) employment card. So please guide me.
    How can I renew online?

    1. I want to renew on line of my (add my higher education and other education ). So please guide me how can I renew online.

  3. Vishnu pujari sangli

    I am complete 12th and ITI DIESEL MECHANICAL. Please join in job .

  4. I want peon jobs for 5th pas in navi Mumbai. My name is Aslam shaikh

  5. I completed bsc but I am handicapped person

  6. I have passed 12th. I want job

  7. In your website we do not get login id link.
    Then how to open our id?

  8. I have already registered user id & password. I got login also. But what about my renewal due date ?

    Please help me.

  9. mahendra jambukiya

    My registration number is 201014530

  10. How can I login?
    I forgot my user name and password.

  11. Dnyanoba Taterao Kute

    1) How to add my ms-cit certificate?
    2) How to add certificate of typing Marathi / English ?
    3) My employment card No, 1988002160 Dt 27/06/1988 renewal June 2015

    1. 1) I have to renew my card but I am not getting the renew link .
      2) How to add certificate ? What should I do ?

    2. How to add my marks ?

  12. How I supposed to register myself?

    1. I have just appear for tybsc exam. I want a job. How should I apply for it and in which company is near by Colaba?

  13. I have to register for employment. What should I do ?

  14. What is my renew date?

  15. My employment card validity was finished. So how to renew online?

    Mmy employment card No, 2010002077

  16. How to add my ms-cit certificate?

  17. How to add certificate of typing Marathi?

  18. bhagyshree s badgujar

    How to renew my employment card?
    Card no – 2009000308

  19. shaikh shakeel rehman

    Please give me my employment exchange card id over now. My renewal date is between April 2013 to September 2013. What should I do for my renewal of the card? What are the procedure for the renewable of the card. Please give me the detail of this procedure.


    DATE OF REG. 03/11/2012

  21. I forgot my user id and password of maharojgar. What can I do?

  22. By your office the computerized employment card is generated and your staff didn’t told me the id and password. What can I do now? It will lapse my employment card now and I am outside now for 3 months and already 7 months are over. My reg. No is 2010014927

  23. How can I update or renew my employment card now?

  24. How to validate the documents required for employment verification? I am a new member registered with Mumbai Employment exchange, hence want to know If I have to go to office and get it verified or the verification can be done through online?

  25. I have lost my employment card and it is out of date of renewal that is why I want new card. I want to know the process of new card.

  26. How to register for employment card ?

    1. tushar dilip pansare

      How to renew registration?


    REGN NO. 1993005943
    BIRTHDAY 08.04.1970

  28. I completed dme. I need government job.


  30. I really don’t know how to register. Please help.

    1. Same here….

  31. How can I add more qualification in my employ account?

    1. Same problem

  32. I have already registered in Nasik Employment Exchange office & Registration Number is 2002904950 dated 2002. But I have just registering with DESE in Online, so do I have any problem with old registration number for Job placement?

  33. shrutika walawalkar

    How to register the application& on which site?

  34. How can I do registration?

  35. Vikas siddharth more

    I really want govt job.

  36. I want know about maharojgar registration process.

  37. I don’t know whether my registration got successful or not.

  38. I need a job
    I have completed BCA
    And English typing is 40wpm

  39. What is the qualification is required for job?
    Which kind of post?

  40. I need job vacancy information. How to open a new employment card?
    Please help me.

    1. Coming soon a Requirement Punjab national bank only for employ card..

  41. raju shivaji shinde

    I need job vacancy information.



  43. I have passed Diploma in sanitary inspector and M.P.H.W. Please give me govt job.

  44. I have to renew my card but I am not getting the renew link. I have been trying since 6-7 months for it. So, please help me.

  45. Shyam Durgadasrao kadam

    What is my registration number?

  46. Shyam Durgadasrao kadam

    What’s my employee registration no?

  47. I am ITI & BA. I need to govt. job. What can I do?

  48. I am B.Ed. I need a govt.job. What can I do?

  49. I need job government job several time I gave govt exam but no result ,need help and Ineed job……

  50. I need government job. Please help me. I gave govt exam but no result.

  51. How to register?

  52. Nilesh Nakul Mhatre


  53. I am a handicapped boy and I want govt job.

  54. Site is not working. Getting error as service not available.

  55. What is the process to renew employment card?

  56. How to renew my employment card?

    1. Kindly provide the procedure of renewal of employment card.

  57. Documents we have to upload should be original or xerox of documents and what is the the next step?

    1. You need to upload scanned copy of your originals.

    2. 279A133046

  58. I registered my data but no verification message sent to my mobile. WHY?

  59. How to renew employment card?

  60. kalpesh jaywant gavkar

    How to renew may employment cad?

  61. baram pradip narayan

    My registration number is 2011006816. Please tell me how can I renew this id and I want to know my id and password. I just forgot.

  62. siddhesh chandramohan chaudhari

    I want to update my employment card but this link is not working:…D13yrr6e9kf_78 Kindly help.
    My employment register no : 2012003441.
    Date of registration: 26-07-2012.

    1. How to renew employment exchange card?

  63. How I want to renew my employment card No, 2001035278?

  64. How can I registered my employment card? Please reply.

  65. I was removed from my employment card. What can I do?

  66. baram pradip narayan


  67. What is the procedure for making employment card. I am registered in but I don’t know the next step.

  68. Where is the employment renewal process?

  69. How to get employment card online?

  70. I want to register for job seeker but I didn’t find my village name in Pune and pin code also not there. Please say me what will I do?

  71. Please give me government job.

  72. How will I register my self through online process. Did the offline process is available? If it is there what should I do?

    1. My employment card validity was finished. So how to renew online?

  73. I have already registered. Last renewal is done on 16.3.2011 and now its a time of renewal. So how to be renew now. Please tell me the procedure.

    1. My registration number is 98116267. Now I want to renew.

  74. How can register my name in employment office. Please give me the procedure.

  75. We want the registered candidates list of Physically Handicapped.

  76. How to renew my employment card?

    1. How to renew my employment card?

    2. I am kokane sandip
      I have completed my pharmacy. So please tell me how can I register my details?

  77. I will renew my employment.

  78. My employment card validity was finished. So how to renew online?

  79. How to renew my employment card? from which menu. Please give me instructions.

  80. Registration Number : 20130118C100585
    Password : Manoj@1994

    1. Reg no 20140115c100542
      Password suvarna@786
      No call No reply
      I am BE mechanical
      No vacancy?

  81. The link shown below is not working. The page for registering is not opening. Can you help?

    1. 1. Go to maharojgar home page.
      2. Click Job seeker button
      3. Click Register now link to register all your details.

    2. I want to register for employment card in job seeker but the website is asking me to put the aadhaar no in the box. Then I put the aadhar no in the box and press ok. Then its showing that the service is not available. I have tried several times but it is showing that the service is not available. Please tell what to do now?

  82. How to register myself?

    1. I completed BCA. I need govt job.

  83. How to add my qualification in employment card and how to renew?

  84. What is the process to submit new employment card?

  85. Steps to register ourself (i.e. GTL company) for submission of ER-1 (quarterly Return) on line.

  86. What are register numbers?

  87. I have done registration not getting any message or mail yet. How can I get the information about openings?

    1. If you have already registered try to login with your login and password in the above link to avail all services.

  88. How to register online my firm/Enterprises/activity/Agency?

    1. You have to click the link Institute/Agency or Self Employment Agency and register your details online.

  89. Lata vasant wankhede

    How to renew my employment slip?

    1. Renewal of Registration is mandatory after 1 year within a month. It can be done through this web portal, mobile, kiosk, handheld device etc. for Renewal.

  90. How to register for new employment card?

    1. This post is about to register for employment exchange.
      You can register yourself as a job seekers,Employer,Service provider,Institute/Agency and Self Employment Agency.

    2. I lost my id and password.?

  91. My employment card validity was finished. So how to renew online?

  92. Login id and password?

    1. I could assume that if you register all your details you may get your login and password.

  93. I want to make new employment registeration. Please help.

    1. Please register all your details here :…D13yrr6e9kf_73

  94. How to Register for self employment?

    1. Use the above link for on;line registration. You can register yourself for
      • Job Seeker
      • Employer
      • Service Provider-Kamgar Katta
      • Institute/Agency
      • Self Employment Agency
      You should remember your registration number,user id and password to avail all these services.

  95. akshay sudam alhat

    My register number?

    1. Have you try registering in the official website to seek any of the services?


    How to renew my employment card?

    1. It can be done through this web portal, mobile, kiosk, handheld device etc. for Renewal.

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