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Name of the Organization : Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks (
Type of Facility : Search Trade Marks Online
Location : Mumbai

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Website :

Trademark Public Search Application :
Guidelines :
These guidelines will lead you to make your search more easy & powerful.

Guidelines to use Trade Mark Public Search :
Understanding your Search Interface :
Search Interface is divided in 3 Parts

1. Categories
You can select from three different Categories
a) Wordmark,
b) Device Mark, and
c) Phonetic.

2. Criteria, Keyword & Condition :
Criteria refine your search. It changes on the selection of Categories.
b) For DEVICE MARK you have {‘VIENNA CODE’, ‘CLASS’}
c) For PHONETIC you have {‘WORDMARK’, ‘CLASS’}
PHONETIC search produces the result for WORDMARK sounding similar. So it may take long time to give result.
‘CLASS’ criterion is common to all categories and is compulsory to enter. You can look up for Classes through ‘Class Details’ link.
In condition dropdown list you can either select ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ to precise your search.

3. Search Button :
After entering keywords & selecting your conditions click on ‘Start Search’ button.

To make Search :
Step 1 :
Select a category from the Category part.
Here we have selected Wordmark from the Categories.

Step 2 :
Then you need to give keyword in the box corresponding to WORDMARK label (As shown in figure below)

Step 3 :
From the Prefix drop down select either “Starts With” or “Contains”. In “Starts With” prefix, the process will search any word starting with the entered keyword (e.g. in the above search all the marks starting with word “TATA” will be returned). In “Contains” prefix, the process will search any word containing the entered keyword anywhere in the name (e.g. if you are searching the word “consultancy” with Contains prefix, it will return all the Trademarks name where consultancy is coming anywhere in the name).

From the condition dropdown you can select prefixes either ‘AND’ or ‘OR’
Here we have selected ‘AND’.

Step 4 :
Then you need to enter CLASS (ranging from 1-45) in the box corresponding to ‘CLASS’ criterion, which is compulsory.
Here we have entered ‘12’

Step 5 :
Then click on ‘Start Search’ button to continue.

Step 6 :
You will get your desired result.
Result Panel will show the ‘Total Number of Matching Marks’ which is based on your selected criteria. You can see the quick detail in ‘Right Panel’ of any of the record shown in the ‘Left panel’.
Just click any record…

Step 7 :
To view the full size of image, just click on the image. Another pop-up window will open & will show the actual size of the image.

Step 8 :
To generate report you need to select the checkboxes present with each record in the ‘Left Panel’. You can either manually check each checkboxes (in case looking for reports of particular record) or Check the checkbox present at the With ‘Document’ Label to select all the records.

Step 9 :
After selecting the records click on the ‘Report’ button present in the ‘Right Panel’.

Step 10 :
You will see the result in following format

Step 11 :
To print the report, you can click the ‘Print Report’ button present at the bottom of the report.

Various Other Searches :

Search Interface on Selecting ‘DEVICE MARK’

You have to enter proper Vienna Code corresponding to the label VIENNA CODE along with the CLASS.

Search Interface on Selecting ‘PHONETIC’

Enter Wordmark keyword for PHONETIC WORDMARK Search. Since this search is for finding Wordmarks that sound similarly, it can take reasonable time to produce result.

Search Trademarks Here :…/frmmain.aspx#

Contact Us :
Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks
Bhoudhik Sampada Bhavan,
Antop Hill, S.M. Road, Mumbai-400037,

Phones : 022-24132735,
Fax : 022-24123322

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  1. Can you please provide the link to search the trade mark?

    1. You can use the below mentioned link to search the trade mark:
      Search Trademarks Here :…/frmmain.aspx#

      Information as provided in the official website of Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks.

  2. I have problems with the trade marks. Can you please provide the contact details?

    1. Contact Us :
      Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks
      Bhoudhik Sampada Bhavan,
      Antop Hill, S.M. Road, Mumbai-400037,
      Phone : 022-24132735

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