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Gokdom Karnataka Post Matric Scholarship Sanctioned List 2013-2014

Name of the Organisation : Department of Minority Welfare Karnataka (
Type of Announcement : Post-Matric Scholarship Sanctioned Lists 2013-14

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Department of Minority Welfare Karnataka
Recommended List of Fresh Applications
S.No Student Name Student Id Course / Year Parent Name Sex Hosteller Religion Percen tage % Annual Parental Income Reimbursible Course Fee Maintenance Allowance Total Scholarship Amount Permanent Student Id :
1 G.N.D. Degree College-Bidar S KOMALJEET KOUR T2013kapms069166 1 Yr. – B.SC.( Bacholar of Science ) S JAWAHR SINGH F N Sikh 55.6666 19000.00 2,500.00 3,000.00 5,500.00 P2013kapmsS000002
2 Gulbarga University-Gulbarga JASMIN KAUR BHATIA T2013kapms079836 1 Yr. – M.A( . ) KEHAR SINGH BHATIA F N Sikh 73.3333 12000.00 2,233.00 2,700.00 4,933.00 P2013kapmsS000001
3 Adarsh D.Ed. College-Bidar SHARADA T2013kapms088233 1 Yr. – D.T.Ed( D.S.C.E.M.R D.ed ) RAJENDRA F N Christian 68.8333 11000.00 10,000.00 3,000.00 13,000.00 P2013kapmsC001101
4 A.I.M. college of Education for women-Bidar BENEDICTA ANILA T2013kapms031874 1 Yr. – B.Ed( BACHELOR IN EDUCATION B.ED ) HEROLDT LEWIS F N Christian 79.8260 16000.00 3,000.00 1,500.00 4,500.00 P2013kapmsC002448
5 Akka Mahadevi Mahila Mahavidyalaya-Bidar PRANITA T2013kapms061471 1 Yr. – B.A( BACHOLER OF ARTS ) MOTILAL F N Christian 62.3333 16000.00 1,645.00 2,700.00 4,345.00 P2013kapmsC002470
6 Akshaya Institute of Technology-Lingapura NAVEEN KUMAR T2013kapms066906 1 Yr. – M.Tech (VLSI)( I.C.T ) SHANTHAPPA M N Christian 64.6384 11000.00 10,000.00 2,400.00 12,400.00 P2013kapmsC001320
7 Al Ameen College of Education- Hosur Road JAMMA TOM T2013kapms021398 1 Yr. – B.Ed( BACHELOR IN EDUCATION B.ED ) TOM JOSE F N Christian 72.1875 12000.00 3,000.00 2,100.00 5,100.00 P2013kapmsC002015
8 Al-Badar B.Ed College – MSK Mill Road SHOBHARANI T2013kapms046842 1 Yr. – B.Ed( BACHELOR IN EDUCATION B.ED ) SUDHEER F N Christian 64.9565 12000.00 3,000.00 1,800.00 4,800.00 P2013kapmsC002048
9 Al Meezan Industrial Training Institute-Old APMC Road ASIFIQBALPATVEGAR T2013kapms090508 2 Yr. – I.T.I. ELECTRICIAN( ELECTRICIAN ) SHABBIRAHAMED M N Christian 78.5714 11000.00 10,000.00 3,000.00 13,000.00 P2013kapmsC000656
10 ALMIGHTY PU COLLEGE-ARABIC COL ASHWINI SHREE V T2013kapms080191 2 Yr. – H.Sc( Commerce ) VARDHARAJU F N Christian 72.8333 11000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 6,000.00 P2013kapmsC000883
11 Aloyisus Institute of Education-Mangalore ANJALIN SHEELA DSOUZA T2013kapms070713 1 Yr. – M.SC.( MASTERS OF SCIENCE ) ANAND DSOUZA F N Christian 85.3400 15000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 6,000.00 P2013kapmsC002184
12 Aloyisus Institute of Education-Mangalore Carol pereira T2013kapms041185 1 Yr. – H.Sc( XIScience ) Fedrick pereira F N Christian 82.3999 11000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 6,000.00 P2013kapmsC000531
13 Aloyisus Institute of Education-Mangalore DEFNY REGINA SEQUEIRA T2013kapms006990 1 Yr. – B.Com( Batcholor of Commerce ) DINESH REGINALD SEQUEIRA F N Christian 88.6666 11000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 6,000.00 P2013kapmsC000423
14 Aloyisus Institute of Education-Mangalore MELWYN ROSHAN MENEZES T2013kapms025347 2 Yr. – B.Com( Account and Finiance ) MAXIM MENEZES M N Christian 54.5000 11000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 6,000.00 P2013kapmsC001826
15 Aloyisus Institute of Education-Mangalore PRIYANKA PAUL FERNANDES T2013kapms060219 1 Yr. – M.Com( MASTERS OF COMMERCE ) PAUL FERNANDES F Y Christian 88.0000 10000.00 3,000.00 5,700.00 8,700.00 P2013kapmsC000059
16 Aloyisus Institute of Education-Mangalore REEMA MARIA MATHIAS T2013kapms035846 2 Yr. – B.Com( B.Com. ) SILVESTER RONALD A MATHIAS F N Christian 73.1250 11000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 6,000.00 P2013kapmsC000868
17 Aloyisus Institute of Education-Mangalore Rouchelle Tauro T2013kapms080345 1 Yr. – H.Sc( XIArts ) John Rudolf Tauro F N Christian 79.6799 18000.00 1,583.00 3,000.00 4,583.00 P2013kapmsC002582
18 Aloyisus Institute of Education-Mangalore SHRUTHI SHYLET D SOUZA T2013kapms015483 1 Yr. – M.SC.( Mathematics ) ROBERT D SOUZA F N Christian 79.42 11000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 6,000.00 P2013kapmsC000622
19 Alvas Education Foundation- Moodbidre ALWYN MORAS T2013kapms083546 3 Yr. – B.Com( Advanced Cost Accounting ) VALERIAN MORAS M N Christian 72.5882 11000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 6,000.00 P2013kapmsC000900
20 Alvas Education Foundation- Moodbidre ANCILLA SHARAL CARDOZA T2013kapms009665 1 Yr. – B.SC.( PCM ) Late JOHN CARDOZA F N Christian 61.1666 11000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 6,000.00
For full list of successful candidates, refer the attached document or the pdf file in the link.

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  1. Rinchin Tsering Ravindo

    My registration ID is KA201718006342459. I want to cancel my registration. What is the procedure of cancellation?

  2. prashanth lawrence monis

    I lost my permanent id.. Please find
    My D.O.B 05/05/1997
    Sacred heart college madanthyar .

  3. I did not get my 2014-15 Scholarship.
    My student id is T2014kapms018900

  4. I have not received my scholarship. Please say when will the amount get deposited in my account?

    my id is T2014kapms023742

  5. asifahmed a sauyed

    I didn’t get my scholarship. Please check & tell me what to do.

  6. My post metric scholarship sanctioned list
    My Id no is T2014kapms085628 from Basavakalyan .Dist .Bidar
    I have not received my scholarship. Please say when will the amount get deposited in my account?

  7. I am Rajesab s/o husenasab kadival
    Scholarship list has not came
    ID NO:T2014kapms004902

  8. Mohammed Athar pasha

    When will I get my scholarship T2014kapms068847 for renewal? Please sanction my scholarship from ARYABHARATHI POLYTECHNIC TUMKUR.

  9. Please give me my permanent id as I am Rakshitha jain R of vijayanagara college, Hospet.

  10. I got permanent id. Status is blank.

  11. When will come 2013-14 scholarship for fresh students?

  12. The Bangalore Higher Secondary School Disc Code:29200124106

  13. scholarship sanctioned list of 2014

  14. I want to know his scholarship. His id no.1504031258.
    Ken bridge school gulb.

  15. My scholarship has not come. Please tell me what is the season.

  16. I am post matrix sanctioned student 2013-14 batch. I have not got my first year result where in I have not received my scholarship. So what I need to do for that? Please help

    Your student P2013kapmsB000056

  17. Please send my permanent id,only 4 days more. From august I am asking permanent id. I called many times for helpline
    ,even they dint response. I got the scholarship in 2013-2014 just i have to renew it now. I didn’t get any id to my phone or mail id

  18. Respected Sir,
    I have not yet received my scholarship amount its very needful in my further studies. I have even mailed my passbook print along with student id T2013kapms042818 and permanent id P2012kapmsC500980. Please kindly do the needful as early as possible.
    Thanking you.

  19. I applied last year and got scholarship for mba and now for renewal I don’t have any of my ID, neither permanent nor temporary
    Please help

  20. Can I apply having below 50% marks?

  21. My name is Navya shalet studying in NIE FIRST GRADE college Mysore. I just want to know whether I have got the post matric scholarship in the year 2013-2014?

  22. I dont know my “Renewal Student ID”.
    Please tell me how to find it?

  23. How do I know that my hard copy of post matric form has reached state office?

  24. Adel Julia D'Silva

    For renewal of scholarship we need to enter permanent id. But I forgot my id. Is there any way to get it back?

  25. I am studying in Vatican High School in Grade V, I have applied for Minority Scholarship, but not received to my Father’s Joint Account. Please confirm

    Thanks & Regards

    Syed Shoibuddin

  26. There s a renewal notice but our exam is only on October ending and result will come only after 4 months of exam. Till then how we will get our scholarship. Please do the needful. I am in need of your scholarship. Thank u

  27. khasim alisha makandar

    My name is in scholarship list 24-01-2014 but not in my passbook account. My account number is 0442101026919 in my college name BT patil pu college masur.
    Taluk Hirekerur.
    District Haveri.
    Please pay my bank account.

  28. When will I get the scholarship?
    My school code no 29200905807 i didn’t get amount

  29. I am studying b.ed I want to know how to apply for minority scholarship
    I have the documents

  30. I applied for the post metric scholarship but I don’t find my name in the sanctioned list. Please check it out. My id no is T2013kapms047262

  31. did not get scolarship

    I have selected for scholarship sanction list but I did not get. My permanent ID No. is p2013kapmsM001058
    my name is md ilyas

  32. As I have applied for the scholarship but till now there is no response from your side. But please kindly see that I will get my scholarship as early as possible

  33. Will you tell us how to apply online filling for renewing the post matric ? What is the procedure?


  35. My name is in selection list
    I have got a call from taluk office
    My id T2013kapms057011

  36. I have not get Post metric scholarship 2014 sanctioned list. I have my name in the list page no 487,sl no 11077, sanctioned amount is Rs 8500/-but not added in my a/c. My a/c number is 0873101034866
    When will you add the amount in my a/c?

  37. Why not sanctioned scholarship? What is the reason?

  38. wajahatulla bidar

    I have passed X class 88% from CBSE syllabus\
    How can I do application for the post matric scholarship 2014 _15?

  39. My scholarship is not sanctioned

  40. A person who has backlog in first sem but good in 2nd sem can apply for this scholarship?

  41. i want my scholarship id. I lose it.

  42. When does 2014-15 scholarship application form will declare?

  43. Can you please tell me whether I got selected or not?
    My id is T2013kapms007418
    My permanent id is P2013kapmsM025677
    Please check and replay me

  44. I want permanent id last year for sanctioned scholarship this year
    My college is agriculture college bijapur
    My no 8050051588

  45. How to find permanent i.d?

  46. Thasmiya Ayeesha

    i need my permanent id of 2013-14. I have tried for fresh application but it outputs that you have already applied for post matric scholarship.. Please help me to find my id.

  47. I want my id number
    And I want my all scholarship details

  48. Mohammed yahya siddiq

    I am studying in 9th A sri kalidasa vidya virdhaka high school koratagere tumkur district “please send my student ID in 2013_2014

  49. How I will find out my daughter’s id no, her name is Sharon merlyn studying in 6th at st Joseph’s higher primary school , bannimantap, Mysore.

  50. Respected sir I need my last year 2013 .pre matric scholarship id no to fill 2014 form. I am studying in holy crescent english school .

  51. What all things are required for 2014-15 pre matric minority scholarship?

  52. Ismail Thafheem Ud

    I am not able to select few details while filling the online form(institution name, course name & current course year) please help me to overcome this problem. thank you.

  53. We had applied for gokdom scholarship last year. We did not receive any notification regarding the scholarship nor received any scholarship in spite of submitting all the required documents on time.

  54. suman Felcita Dcunha

    I have applied for postmatric scholaship renewal for 2013-14 and my name is not there in sanctioned list

  55. I want know my student id of maria khan of gokdom.kar

  56. Whom to get the post metric scholarship form?

    1. Many times I applied for this post metric scholarship but I failed to get every time. At present am pursuing Mcm. I applied on the basis of Bcm average marks 87%. Please sanctioned this scholarship. Its helpful for my graduation.
      Id number T2013kapms065517 .

    2. My son is doing his DIploma in computer science, last year he was not able to apply the scholarship because of online problem. This year again he is a repeater for the course for the first year diploma in computer science. Is he eligible for the scholarship.?

  57. Need ID of 2013 applied scholarship to apply for 2014 scholarship. Presently studying in new noble English school, Rashad nagar,Bangalore-560045.

  58. sibtainali.A.bhavnagary

    How much money do we get?

  59. My name is sabreen . I am from govt girls p.u college , tarikere , chikmanglore(D). I submitted my application for scholarship but my name was not in sanctioned list. So I am expecting for result. Please send me soon

  60. mallikarjun sharanappa batageri

    Sanctioned under post matric scholarship scheme but that amount has not came to my account. Please check that

  61. Even I have applied for minority scholarship but still I dint get. My brother and sister have got but I dint get any. Please help me.

  62. Why not come my scolarship

    I m Mohammed Ghouse studying 3rd sem. iam poor. Please give the scholarship

  63. ameersohail khandunaik

    Why my scholarship has not come? Please consider my application.

  64. Margin money loan scheme

  65. When will the post matric scholarship 2014-15 application form come?

    1. When will the post matric scholarship 2014-2015 application form come?

  66. I apply for this scholarship before 3 to 4 years. I got selected all time in the list. But I have not received any amount.
    This time my permanent id is P2013kapmsM000194 (I also fax my a/c details attested by my principal) I am requesting you to please care for it.

  67. I am in selected list but scholarship had not come in Account.
    From Saddamhussain govt F.G.collage Siruguppa(TQ) Bellary.Dist 583121.

  68. Mushahid s/o gulam ali

    I am from Sri Chamnabaswashar school shivajinagar Gulbarga
    My scholarship does not come.

  69. mohammed jamil ansari

    I am a 2nd year engineering student. I had applied for scholarship last year but I haven’t received it and my name was not there in the list of selected candidates.

  70. How much time to get the post matric scholarship m.a(part2)2013-14?

  71. syed naveed pasha H S

    I applied for post metric scholarship last year 2013-2014. Still I did not get scholarship.
    My friends who applied with me get the scholarship. What are the reasons for I am not get the scholarship?

  72. Am studying MCA. I applied for post metric scholarship from last 2 years but I did not got my scholarship. Please check why it had not come. My ID is T2013FKaM18720 And I applied in 2012 also at that time my ID :T2012Kapms049542. I am doing MCA in maharani’s science college for women,place road,Bangalore

  73. I had applied to the post matric scholarship for jains-2013 but my name is not there in the list?Can I know the reason please and when may I get it?

  74. Noor khuteja...

    I am studying in 2 year M com..
    I did not get the metric scholarship..

  75. Mahendra Biradar

    I have applied for post metric scholarship and it has got sanctioned. I don’t know where to check and how much it will credit to my account.

  76. Scholarship has sanctioned but not credited in my ACC
    My name is mentioned in 2nd sanction list
    Sl no.6213

    1. Contact your nearest minority office.


    MY ID :-T20FkaM15719

  78. My name is numaan baig
    My school name is sharada english school
    I live in arsikere at maruti nagar
    I did not receive scholarship on 2013 and 2014

  79. My name is praveen desai,
    University of agricultural sciences, Dharwad
    Permanent address is A/p: Mangsuli T/q; Athani Dist: Belgaum
    My name is not displaying in list unlike my friends
    Please check once and reply.

  80. My name is Mohammed Sohail Chowdry
    My question is
    My scholarship is not allowed in the list. What is the reason for not allowed in list

    My address is Hasmiya compound near Ambadker cricle Raichur city

  81. My scholarship form has been rejected just due to not attested pu marks card
    Is there any way to recover it?

  82. sultan khan honnalli

    My student id is T2013FKaM11543
    I didn’t get my scholarship so please you can give me.

  83. melroy anoop pinto

    Whether I got scholarship..?

  84. Myself Sushant Chivate doing b.e
    I applied for Jain scholarship in but still its did not come.

  85. I didn’t get scholarship yet. Can I know the reason?

  86. Can you please tell me my name is there in sanctioned in list?
    My id is T2013kapms007418.

  87. mahesh doddalakkannavar

    My name is Mahesh Doddalakkannavar am comes under in jain community. I have applied jain scholarship in 2013-14 for renewal. But does not announced my name in the list. So I requesting you to please verify my application again.

    Thank you

  88. I want to see my name in sanction list [my id no. T2013mlpmsM000007] I am studying in Al Ameen collage of pharmacy I.D pharm

  89. syed tanveer ahmed

    I had applied for scholarships but still I didn’t got it for 2013-2014 of post metric and even my name is not there in rejected or selected list. So please help me out.

  90. My name is in the sanction list but still I did not get the amount.
    My id is T2013kamps086345.

  91. I posted my scholarship form. But it was not received to a office.. When I call to office they told to send a xerox copy. I have send it once. My id is T2013FkaM16682 Can I get a scholarship.?

    1. no” means.. Why I can’t get scholarship? Can I know reason please?

    2. Thank u.. I got scholarship amount.. But I didn’t got permanent id. How can I get it? My temporary id is T2013FkaM16682

  92. I did not receive any response regarding my scholarship. I submitted forms before 4 months and how can I check Jain minority sanctioned list.

  93. How to get permanent id?

  94. The post metric 2014-15
    When it will come?


  96. My name is there in the fresh additional sanctioned list.
    But I haven’t got the money in my bank account.
    Please help me.


  97. How to get sanctioned list of students 2014?

  98. How to get sanctioned list of students 2014i in degree college?

  99. How to get list of selected candidates for post metric 2013-2014?

  100. How to find out our permanent id?

    1. For this year 2014 when they are issuing application forms?

  101. I have applied for scholarship the same was sanctioned and my name in the list at student id no.T2013kapms 040201 but while submitting the IFC CODE by oversight I have furnished the wrong ifsc code ,i.e. IBKL0000418 INSTEAD OF the correct IFS CODE IS IBKL0000551, due to which my scholarship amount has not reach to my account. I therefore request you kindly to look into this and arrange to release the scholarship amount to my account at the earliest and oblige

  102. I have applied for scholarship in 2012 & it was sanctioned, but unfortunately I missed to submit this time I am in final Hasanath college for women. Can I apply now?

  103. I have selected in last year but I didn’t get the amount of scholarship. Can you please tel me how to get it?

    1. I don’t know dude.

  104. When will you announce fresh list of post metric scholarship 2013 of Bagalkot district?

  105. praveenkumar p ganganahalli

    My name is Praveenkumar p Ganganahalli
    Will I get scholarship are not? Please reply

  106. After clearance of transaction detail at what day it will be credited to our account? Please suggest.

  107. All Jain students received scholarship but still mine has not come why.?

  108. My student id : T2013KAPMS079025


    1. I have my name in list of 2nd ,page no.487,sl.no11077. sanctioned amount is Rs-8500/- but amount is not added in my account. Kindly add the amount to my a/c .

  109. t2013 kapm5029351

  110. By Bi Bi Siddiqua March 20

    Respected Dear Minorities:
    I am BI BI SIDDIQUA studying in St. Philomenas Degree Collage,
    I did not get my scholarship of 2012-13 and 2013-14 that I have applied. Please help me to get my scholarship soon because it helps me in my future studies. Please my hearty request to Minorities.
    I have checked my name in your sanctioned list my name is there in your list but still why I did not get my scholarship? Please inform me about this soon Because this scholarship is very precious for me.

  111. Rightly said @vinayak.

  112. I am feeling to kick the verification officer . They are rejecting applications for unnecessary reasons. They are not even sparing students.

  113. Respected sir,
    I am the student of Bhandarkars Arts & Science college, Kundapura.
    My student Id is T2013kapms088029 P2013kapmsC000451
    My name has been announced in the first list of Post Metric Scholarship. But the sanctioned amount ( Rs. 6000/- )has not been credited to my account yet. My a/c number is SB01011234. kindly reply

  114. I didn’t find my name in any of the list,not even in rejected list.

  115. Show the list of students of pre-metric scholarship 2013-14 of Tumkur schools

  116. Hi…
    I m a Diploma Student as I have contacted you before you said “because of one backlog you did not get the scholarship”. But who have backlog also have got the scholarship.
    First you said marks should be above 50% mine is 69%.
    I kindly request you to announce my name in scholarship list.

  117. Amber Afsiya
    2 year BA degree in M V college
    Why amount is not coming?

  118. I m studying in 8th

    My name is shaik dawood
    My father name is MD Gayas

  119. Respect sir.
    I have applied post metric scholarships. But why my name is not showing? In selection list?
    Please check and inform me.
    STUDENT ID: T2012KAPMS047951
    Please reply sir.

  120. Respected sir, I have applied post matric scholarship. But why my name is not showing? Please check and inform me.

  121. Mohd mustafa siddiqui

    I had seen my name in fresh sanction list 2013-2014 but the money is not credited to my account why?
    When I will have my scholarship?

  122. Dear sir/madam,
    I could not find my name either in sanctioned list or rejection list of post metric scholarship 2013-2014. Please reply as early as possible.
    My student ID is T2013kapms019251
    I’m doing my final year in Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College For Women in Malleshwaram 18th cross.

  123. Sanction list of 2013


  125. I didn’t get money in my account yet. Why?

  126. 2013 to 2014 schloarship



    MY APPLICATION ID:T2013kapms032695

  128. I have seen my scholarship got sanctioned, but still I didn’t receive in my account. What is the problem?


  129. mohd abdul basith adnan

    My name is in sanction list of scholarship of post metric but I have not received the amount yet. Can I know the reason?

  130. When will be coming my scholarship?
    My student id T2013kapms003692
    My permanent id P2012kapmsM501217

  131. Amber afsiya

    1. Amber afsiya
      M V Govt Arts college B D V T
      Gokdom application accepted and not accepted
      Id no is t2013kapms022805
      My register no is a1203004

    2. Why amount dietels com

      Amber afsiya 2nd year b a degree
      College : b d v t
      Scholarship amount list

  132. I have applied to post metric scholarship.
    But amount has not credited to my account
    My student id : T2013kapms052165
    Permanent id: P2013kapmsM021321
    Name : Arif hussain
    Fathers name : Nazeer hussain
    Dr Gopinath Rao p.u college Patel nagar Hospet.
    My name is in 2nd freshers list. Please help me.

  133. abdul salauddin aski

    I have not received my scholarship yet. Can I know the reason?

  134. Mohd Shakeel

  135. Minority welfare post matric scholarship list 2014
    Name-Moyajjem sarkar, Studied from – Gangaram Pur college

    1. You need your student id to check whether you got sanctioned for Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship.

    2. Gangaram pur college minority post metric scholarship list

  136. Post metric scholarship 2014 year new list in Gourbanga university of Gangaram Pur collage.

  137. My name is Ayesha Soubia. T2013kapms061848 is my id. My admission no is 182. Please let me know whether the scholarship has sanctioned for me?

    1. Please look at the details below.
      S.No : 20970
      Institution Name : Vijaya College-R.V Road Basavanagudi
      Student Id : T2013kapms061848
      Permanent Student Id : P2013kapmsM028605
      Student Name : AYESHA SOUBIA.S.R
      Parent Name : LATE.SABIR ALI
      Sex : F
      Religion : Christian
      Hosteller : N
      Percentage : %70.2400
      Annual Parental Income : 15000.00
      Course / Year : 1 Yr. – H.Sc( XICommerce )
      Reimbursible Course Fee : 1,682.00
      Maintenance Allowance : 3,000.00
      Total Scholarship Amount : 4,682.00

  138. I am Sovilbadshaha. I have received 6000 but my friends get 13000 when will I got remaining money? Please reply.

  139. Mohammed Sajjad Ali

    My name is there in the fresh additional sanctioned list.
    But I haven’t got the money in my bank account.
    Please help me.

  140. Post metric transaction for the year 2013-14 has not credited to my account.
    Account no- 01/007995

    College: Abbas khan degree college for women

  141. I did not find my name in any of the lists, not even in rejected list.

  142. I have not received my scholarship yet. Can I know the reason?

  143. I did not receive my scholarship amount. I have applied in 2013-2014 . When will the amount get deposited in my account?

  144. Whether I recommended for scholarship and if yes, tell me web address. My id is T2013kamps061971

    1. I could not find your registration id in both the lists. However you could also search again.

  145. How to check whether we are recommended for scholarship and if yes then how to receive? and say some web to check our ID. Our id’s are t2013kapms086337, t2013kapms086288 and t2013kapms08640

    1. You need to search all your id’s using ctrl+F in the above 2 pdf’s.
      I tried searching all yours id’s in the recommend list. I could not find the first 2 id’s in any of the list. The third id has been found and details of it are

      S.No : 549
      Institution Name : Government PU College-Sagar
      Student Id : T2013kapms086405
      Permanent Student Id : P2013kapmsC004085
      Student Name : NITHISH LOPES
      Parent Name : DENNIS LOPES
      Sex : M
      Religion : Christian
      Hosteller : N
      Percentage : %66.0800
      Annual Parental Income : 30000.00
      Course / Year : 1 Yr. – H.Sc( Intermediate Science )
      Reimbursible Course Fee : 668.00
      Maintenance Allowance : 3,000.00
      Total Scholarship Amount : 3,668.00

  146. I could not receive my scholarship. Please tell me what to do?

  147. I could not receive my scholarship of 2013-2014 in my account. My ID is T2013kapms061971.

    1. But I could not find your id in the sanctioned list. Have you check as whether you are recommended for scholarship?

  148. I got selected for post-metric scholarship 2013 list. Still I didn’t get the money.

  149. ma shehraaz mohiuddin

    My name is Md Shehraaz Mohiuddin. My scholarship does not get sanctioned in fresh list.

  150. Please any one can let me know the status of my scholarship sanction for fresh post matrix.
    My student Id is T2013kapms016271 from Bangalore. Please reply me.

    1. I could not see your id in both fresh sanctioned list of Post-Matric Scholarship 2013-2014. However you can also check your status.

  151. I have not received my post metric scholarship 2012-13 to my account. My Id is t2012kapms029101. Please reply me.

    1. I could not see your id in both fresh and renewal sanctioned list of Post-Matric Scholarship 2013-2014. However you can also check your status.

  152. Al nisa pre university college Gulbarga list

  153. I want to see my name in sanction list.

    1. Pleas check with your student id in the above lists.

  154. Amber Afsiya M V govt arts college.

    1. I could not find your student id in both the list. However you can search again.

    2. My id no is t2013kapms022805. I got scholarship or not?

    3. I could not find your registration id in both the lists. However you could also search again.

  155. in sanctioned list my scholarship sanctioned amount is 13000. But I got only 3000 in my account. When will I get the rest of it and what I have to do for it?

    1. Mahaveer Baramappa Chabbi

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