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Name of the Organization : Commercial Tax Department (
Type of Facility : VAT/CST Payment Online
Location : Puducherry

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Procedure for e-Payment :
First, login into your account, using your TIN, Username, Password and the dynamic code (Captcha) shown in the screen.

Due to security reasons, the user account is locked after 7 unsuccessful attempts. To release the locked user account, users/dealers has to submit a written request to the Assessing Officer to reactivate the account.

Login Here :

Choose the appropriate returns and fill all the columns. In the mode of payment, select e-payment from the drop down list and click button. On the First occasion, a new screen as shown below will appear, informing the terms and conditions governing the e-payment. Click button. Now you are enrolled for the e-Payment and you can submit the return as usual and obtain Web. Ref. No. for having filed the return.

Now click the payment option under e-payment icon available in your Home Page, In the new window enter the Web Ref. No. and Click button. All the required values as entered by you are displayed. Ensure the accuracy of the data for its correctness. Select your Bank. [At present the following Banks are integrated for e-Payment :-
a) Indian Bank
b) Indian Overseas Bank
c) Bank of Baroda.

State Bank of India and IDBI will be linked shortly, after site to site integration]

The following sub options are available under e-payment :-
** Payment
** View status
** Receipt – Reprint
** e-challan
** verification

Payment :
This option is used to pay the monthly Tax dues from the dealer’s Bank account to the account of Commercial Taxes Department (CTD) electronically. As such, Government of Puducherry and Banks have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the approval of Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

After verification of the Web Reference Number, all the required values as entered by you are displayed. If the Web Reference No. entered is invalid one the following message appears :- “Invalid Web Reference No.”.

Users are requested to verify the details as shown in the following screen titled as “e-Payment Details”. If the payments are made after the due date i.e. after 8.00 P.M. on 15th, the Penalty and C-Fees are calculated by the system itself for the belated submission, as per norms.

Icon of banks that have signed the MoU with the Government is displayed on the screen to facilitate fund transfer. The dealers are requested to select the bank of their choice where they are having Net Banking facility with valid user ID and Password to transfer the amount to the account of CTD.

On clicking button a message box shown above appears, asking for the final confirmation. If you click OK it takes you to the Bank’s website for making the payment. In case, the dealer wants to stop at this juncture without proceeding further, Pl. choose the “Cancel” option.

Even though the “Bank’s website screen may differ from bank to bank”, the process of payment are same for all the banks. For example, here we assumed that the dealer selected the INDIAN BANK for making payment; the following page will be displayed from the Bank’s website.

In the Indian Bank site, user will have two options.

They are :
a. Single user
b. Corporate user.

Select appropriate option and login using the Username and Password provided by the Bank. The Bank’s website will display all required information pertaining to the web reference number.

As a precautionary measure, each and every screen has button and button to proceed further or stop the operation at any stage. After clicking button, it will ask to confirm the payment. By clicking button, you are authorising the Bank to debit your account and credit the amount to the CTD account towards payment of tax and other dues.

Based on the outcome of the transaction status will appear :-
** Payment Successful(Amount Transferred from the dealer’s bank account to the CTD)
** Payment Pending(It is only for Corporate User, awaiting Approval from another person )
** Payment Cancel(The dealer interrupts or connection failed situation)
** Payment Failure(Non-availability of Funds)

Case 1 :
Payment Successful page is displayed by the Indian Bank

Payment Successful Status Page not only confirms the payment but also provide the transaction details along with the Transaction Reference No. The dealers are requested to note Transaction Reference No. and they have the provision to print the payment details for their future reference.

After noting the Transaction Reference No., the dealer can click the button to go back from the Bank’s website to the CTD’s web site where the user had started the e-Payment Transaction.

Now, the dealer can see the following screen depicting e-receipt for online payment. The same can be stored in their computer also by clicking “Print Ack [pdf]” , they can print the e-receipt for the future reference in pdf format.

Case 2 : Payment Pending
In the case of corporate account, which requires authorisation, from higher authority-

If the user selects the “Print” option, then the system prints the Transaction details and redirects you to the CTD’s website.

The Payment Pending Status page is also displayed by the CTD’s website

In that case, the user can verify the payment status at later time, through the “View Status” sub option available in the main page.

Click button to go to Main Page.

Case 3 & 4 : (i.e.) Payment Cancel & Payment Failure
The above two Payment Status page is as same as the case 1 or 2 but the message alone differ according to the case.

View Status Sub-Option :
As mentioned earlier, the user can verify the status of their Payment initiation, particularly if the user opted for Corporate Account. The corresponding menu is shown below through which you can interact with your Web Reference Number of Bank Transaction ID.

The Status shown as “Payment Pending” at the time of transaction will be changed as
Successful after approval by the competent authority.

Receipt Re-Print Sub Option :
The CTD web site provides a facility to reprint the receipt of the payment made online. The user can print or store the receipt of each and every Successful Payment for their future reference.

Verification Sub-Option :
It is an option for the dealers to verify their payment status. Immediately after clicking this option, the system interacts with the bank internally and appropriate Current Status Page will be displayed to the dealers.

Hence the users/dealers are requested to provide their Web Reference Number for the Verification of respected payment transaction. The initial page is displayed below and the Response page is as same as one of the four status pages, discussed already in page no. from 8 to 12.

That’s all you have finished the e-payment process at the comfort of your place, without bothering to visit the department and you have also joined e-initiatives of the Department in saving the Trees by not writing the Cheque / DD and help India to earn more carbon credits.

Contact Postal Address :
Commercial Tax Department
First Floor,100 feet Road, Ellapillaichavady,

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  1. What is the last date of VAT payment for the pondicherry state?

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