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Name of the Organisation : Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (

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Type of Announcement : Answer Key
Designation : Madras High Court Services Competitive Examination Typist, Personal Assistant
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Answer Key for GROUP-I Combined Civil Services 2014 :
Answer Key for VAO Village Administrative Officer 2014 :
Result for Madras High Court Service Typist, Personal Assistant :

PA to Hon’ble Judges, P.A, Assistant and Typist included in Madras High Court Service

Date of Examination:23.02.2014

Subject Name :

Right Answer has been tick marked in the respective choices for each question. Representations if any shall be sent so as to reach the Commission’s Office within 7 days. Representations received after 5th March 2014 will receive no attention.

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  1. Typist high court services 195 for 300 both English and Tamil direct higher and 33 age 10th English medium +2 and degree Tamil medium and I have pstm certificate. Any chance to select? Kindly reply me.

  2. TNPSC counselling result was published in tnpsc website on 16.06.2015

  3. What is the salary of madras high court typist?

  4. TNPSC Highcourt typist counselling will be held on 29/06/2015, at 8:30AM….

    1. I got selected for counseling. Are you selected? This counseling is final stage or not. Where the posting will be alloted. You know any details? please share with this site.

  5. Anybody know exact date of counseling details?

  6. My community is correct in application and my community certificate. Same community had mentioned. But certificate number is one digit wrong as 6 is changed as 0. So i have doubt as whether I am selected or not?

  7. When I apply tnpsc high court typist exam as one DTP center, they type my community certificate number is one digit wrong. I had attended the cv. TNPSC authority had found the mistake. She Mark correct certificate number as red ink. But doesn’t ask any question about that for me? That mistake is not my mistake. So now I have doubt whether I am selected or not selected? But my rank is 81. communal rank is 19.

    1. They check only whether the community is correct or not, which is mentioned in your application form.

  8. Today, I talked with TNPSC authorities, they said within 20 days we will be able to know the details of Highcourt typist counseling.

  9. High court typist counseling held on 14th June. When the selected candidates list will be published?

    1. How do you know this counseling will be on 14th June?

    2. Hi Divya How Do You Know Typist counselling Will be on 14th June Sunday

  10. Highcourt typist counselling will held on 14th june…

    1. How do you know high court typist counseling is on 14th June. When the list of selected candidates register number will be released?

    2. 14th June Sunday. Please conform date?

    3. How do you know that counseling will held on 14th June?

    4. Hi suresh & Selva Sir How You Know that counselling will be on 14th June

  11. When will counseling start for high court – typist ?

    1. Don’t Know Brother you call tnpsc office for counseling Details

  12. Anybody know when is typist counselling?

  13. I am MBC. My communal rank is 19. Overall rank is 81. Is there any chance selected for counseling? When CV result will be released?

    1. You have a chance for this job because MBC Total Quota is 25.

  14. Saranya, who said this month end counseling?
    When will be highcourt typist counseling?

    1. TNPSC Authorities says typist counselling result will be on this month end

    2. Hi Sandhya What is your overall & Communal rank?

  15. I have also attended CV on 6th April and waiting for counseling. When CV result will be published?

    1. This Month End will be counselling Announced

  16. I have also attended CV on 6th April and waiting for counseling.

    1. My overall rank is 113 & Communal in 60 for BC. Do I have any chances for counseling sir?

  17. I have attended certificate verification on 6th April. When will be the counseling?, If anyone know please comment the details..
    Those who have attended CV Please come in touch with this site.

    1. Srinivasan & Rajesh Sir What is your overall rank & Community rank?

  18. I have attended certificate verification. That’s why I have asked when will you announce for typist counseling?

    1. My overall rank 120. Communal rank 75. BC. Yours rank?

    2. My overall rank 120. Yours rank?

    3. We have a least chance Saranya. Because bc general 22 and bc women 9 vacants only. But lot of candidates doesn’t like high court job. Its a tough one. So all of them eagerly waiting for group4 results. Your expected group4 marks ?

  19. When Will you Announce typist counseling?

    1. Have you attended typist certificate verification? What is your overall rank?

  20. I am bc. Female both higher pstm degree holder
    Age : 34
    My Mark is 208.5
    Any chances for typist Post?

    1. Where did you get your marks from? i.e you say you are 208.5. How you know this?

  21. Will all the selected 383 members for the post of typist included in madras high court services be called for the certificate verification? Why am asking means the vacancy is only 139 then on what basis they will call for verification of certificates?

  22. When TNPSC will declare the typist skill test results? Whether the vacancy will raise for typist post or not?

  23. When TNPSC will declare the typist skill test results?

  24. When tnpsc will publish final result for typist candidate in madras high court examination?

    1. I think last week of this month result will be announced

  25. When will you announce typist skill test result?
    I am eagerly waiting to know skill test result. Daily I search for it. But there is no information about it. When it will be released?

  26. When will you announce typist skill test result?

  27. I think result will be published after Pongal Holidays i.e 19 Jan 2015 or 23 Jan 2015.

  28. When can I expect the skill test result for typist?
    Please tell me


    2. Result not declared for the typist skill test.

      So please review & advice us

  29. I have a big doubt. They have selected 12 candidates for High Court PA to hon’ble judges. Those 12 belong to the lower courts already working. Then for what purpose did the TNPSC authorities conduct a Group 2 exam openly. If this is going to be the result, then they should not have called for PA post itself. Many candidates like me are disgusted with the results. This has inturn lead to losing of hopes in Government exams too. Final Thanks to all :-)

  30. anyone here got selected?

  31. When the High court exam skill test result will be pronounced?

  32. When High court service skill test result will be published?

  33. When will the TNPSC authorities declare the skill test result? This has become a million dollar question for us. Lets wait. The examining process is over. But yet the results aren’t declared. Anyways all the best guys.

  34. When can I expect skill test result?
    Please tell me

    1. Positively by the mid or end of November

    2. Thanks for the prompt response Tamil Selvi.

  35. They have asked to send the DD of Rs. 50 /- in favor of the secretary, TNPSC, Chennai -3. Then this DD should be send to which address by post? Please reply me soon.

    1. You should go directly tnpsc office and fill up letter and attached that dd. This is the procedure

    2. Draw the DD in favour of The Secretary and then go in person to TNPSC office and hand over the same there. The person available there will surely direct you. All the very best.

  36. Why they offer absent candidates skill test again?

    1. Thats a big question. Formally the announcement stating the release of skill test results came in Thanthi paper. In addition those who frequently visit the TNPSC website will surely have come to know about the Skill test.

      But yet the absent candidates have asked for a re-test. Lets wait and watch what happens and what for all this is happening?

      (This is not to hurt the absent candidates. This is just a view point)

  37. Skill test result declared or not? They updated absent candidates only. So I am confused now. Please explain the details madam

    1. Skill test RESULTS NOT DECLARED. Be relaxed. The re-exam is going to conduct for the absentees of skill test. So we have to wait for the skill test results patiently, probably more than a month.

  38. The candidates who were absent for the skill test for the post in cluded in Madras High Court Services-2014 which was held on 12.07.2014 to 15.07.2014 are given this chance at their representation and based on the Commission’s decision the absent candidates are directed to appear for the skill test which is to be held on 27.09.2014 F.N.& A.N. and 28.09.2014 F.N &.A.N at Chennai centre only. Visit tnpsc website for more details

    1. I missed first skill test so please tell how will you apply in skill test and how I take dd? How will you send tnpsc poster or courier or any other ways?

    2. The candidates who have not paid the skill test fee of Rs. 50/- are instructed to pay the fee in the mode of Demand Draft in favor of The Secretary, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission, Chennai -3 on or before 22.09.2014. You can hand over the same at TNPSC office. Visit TNPSC website for more details.

  39. Repetition of lines in typewriting how many marks will be reduced?

    1. Repetition of lines will be treated as one mistake at a place.

  40. Tamizh Selvi Mam, I have one doubt about typist marks. Total 50 marks either English or Tamil. How many marks will be reduced from 50 marks for 1 mistake? That is 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 or any other? I have approximate 30 mistakes in Tamil typing. Please reply Mam. Advance Thanks.

    1. Either for typing or for shorthand, in this case they will not evaluate according to marks and mistakes. Those making less number of mistakes make a pass in this skill test. For eg;- the shorthand speed was tough. So on an average all the candidates would have at least made 100 mistakes. Then the valuation will be like those who have made less number (say 150, 120… like that) of mistakes will clear the skill test. The valuation will be the same as DOTE valuation. Less number of mistakes you get in. (No pass mark as far as to my knowledge is concerned)

    2. I have understood your point. But, 30 marks only eligible for typist both english and Tamil marks taken together, then only asked the previous question.

  41. Last week I called the TNPSC authorities. They told that the result would be declared last week itself. But still results have not been published. We may expect the results very soon. I guess it may be within this month or by the first week of next month.

    1. When can I expect the skill test result?

      Group 2 interview post result only comes.
      But, Why should not come to hight court skill test result.
      What is the reason?
      Please inform me.

    2. To Perumal: There is going to be re-exam for the absentees of High court skill test on 27-9-14. So therefore, it will definitely take more than 2 months from now for the skill test result. So we have to WAIT till that.

  42. When is the skill test result?

  43. Can I expect the result in this weekend?

  44. When High Court skill test result published?

  45. Skill test results are expected to be out by next week. I called TNPSC toll free number and asked for info and they replied that we may expect it next week.

  46. Do anyone has information regarding the skill test result?

  47. When can I expect the result?

  48. Many of candidate(including my friend) who passed in the written exam for the post of typist in High Court was intimated about the Skill test after the date fixed for skill test. When will the TNPSC arrange for their skill test? Actual skill test dates were 12 to 15 July 2014, but they get the intimation letter on 16.07.2014.

    1. There was an announcement from TNPSC through Thina thanthi paper stating that skill test candidates can download their hall tickets from the website for writing the skill test. Therefore all the skill test candidates downloaded their respective hall tickets from the website only. Moreover the fees payable Rs.50/- for skill test was intimated through email only on 11-July and one week grace time was given. Just giving you an information which may help you.

  49. How did you do all the skill test on shorthand English senior held on Saturday? According to me it was tough.

    1. Of Course, Tamil Is Little Bit Tough. When will be the results declared?

    2. May be within next month. The normal shorthand and typewriting exams are to take place next month. So before that our results will be declared. Moreover, there is urgent requirement in High court. So filling up the post will not be slow.

    3. When will be the skill test result declared?

  50. When will be the result for this skill test? How many marks will be reduced for one mistake? Please anyone knows ? Ans …. waiting for a valuable reply?

  51. After skill test when will skill test result ? and Final result published ?
    Please anyone reply thanks

  52. I am selected to skill test. Am I eligible for typewriting in Tamil and English senior grade Tamil medium b.c. women. How to get selected marks eligible for skill test?

    1. Perform typing test in an excellent manner. Eligible marks will depend on how much of the candidates are going to attend the skill test on Sunday and similar rules of reservation. The best thing is to do our part in a best manner.

  53. For typist skill test which typewriting machine will be used? Facit or Godrej ?

    1. Either of the machines.

  54. 2922 Candidates was selected to attend the skill test. How many Candidates will be selected for typist among 2922 Candidates? Can anyone answer?

    Thanks In Advance…

    1. 139 is the requirement for typist. They may select around 150, wherein 139 will be selected and the rest in waiting list because the requirement would have raised now for the same post.

  55. How will be the selection made? Combination of written exam and skill test or the selection will based on only skill test

    1. Written exam is just a screening test. Performance in skill test is very important for selection. The selection is purely based on skill test ONLY. So all the best.

  56. How many marks will be deducted for each error? Can any one tell me.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. As usual typing exam and shorthand exam evaluation only

    2. When tnpsc announce skill test for stenographer?

      Please tell me if you know

      Thanks in advance

  57. How will be the selection made? Combination of written exam and skill test or the selection will based on only skill test.

  58. I have passed in test and I get call for shorthand test. Can you please tell me when is the skill test?

    1. Skill test may be next month. It will be in typewriter machine only. Last Monday I went to tnpsc office they told.

  59. When will be the skill test?
    I got 137/200… both senior …
    Skill test will be computer or typewriter? Please anyone tell me…

  60. For skill test what will they give? Typewriter or computer?
    For computer means Tamil font?

  61. When will be the typist skill test?
    Please inform me.

    1. Will be soon by the end of this month of June or starting of next month.

  62. Hi, I am selected as one of the candidate for writing the skill test. Will I have to submit the certificate for verification before the skill test?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Congrats. No. You need not submit certificates before skill test.

  63. Thanks for your reply. Now the certificate verification is going only for computer operator and assistant not for typist. Am I right or Wrong?

    1. I guess you are wrong. No announcements have been made till date regarding MADRAS high court services either for computer operator nor for typist. At present we are waiting for announcements regarding skill test. As far as my knowledge, I got an information from those working in High court that announcements will be soon by the end of this month or starting of next month.

  64. Skill test will be conducted on type writing machines or computer? Please tell me.

    1. It will be conducted in machines at CPT, Chennai. DOTE will conduct the exam

  65. How and when to pay for skill test?

  66. Skill test will be in computer or machine?

  67. On which date they will announce the skill test for typist?
    Skill test is in computer or typewriter machine?

    1. It will be conducted in machines at CPT, Chennai. DOTE will conduct the exam. Very soon announcements are expected

  68. When will you conduct the skill test on typist high court?

    1. When will you conduct the skill test on typist high court?

  69. Did typist have oral test or not? Please reply

    1. For typist there will be skill test and certificate verification .

  70. What is the cutoff mark for assistant? How do I know my marks? I got 96/200 questions correct, Is it possible to clear?

  71. I have completed b.a English and typewriting lower in English. I was allowed to write only morning session alone. Am I eligible for the post?

  72. Madras High Court Exam Results are declared. Check TNPSC website for your result.

    1. When the marks will be displayed? With out displaying marks they called for certificate verification?

    2. To Vivek : This is only a screening test. After skill test and interview test you get your marks to see in the website.

  73. Its almost may end when will be the results? Please inform cutoff at least.

  74. What is the cutoff mark for general community?

  75. When the madras high court exam result will be announced?

  76. When will you publish high court result?

    1. How many persons got selected Personal Assistant in High court?

  77. When is the result?

  78. I have 96 questions correct out of 200 and typewriting with senior grade in English and Tamil. Shall I expect call for skill test?

  79. When will the high court exam result be announced?

    1. By the end of may 2014

  80. When will the high court exam result be announced?

    1. How many Person wrote High court exam and full qualified? (Shorthand &Typewriting both higher)

  81. I got 130/200
    Shall I expect a call from tnpsc?

    1. You may definitely get a call, if you also possess Technical qualifications (Typing & Shorthand) and a degree and also below 30 years.

  82. I had applied for the post PA.
    What are the eligibility they look for?

    1. Eligibility for the post of PA is that you must posses English Shorthand Senior and typewriting both English and Tamil senior grade and also a Senior grade or Junior grade in Tamil shorthand.

  83. I am eagerly waiting to know cutoff marks. But there is no information about it.
    When will it be released?

    1. Usually they publish expected cut off marks but this time they didn’t publish. People who visit here do enter here the no of questions right out of 200. Then we can arrive at a conclusion. Mine is 136

  84. I am eagerly waiting to know cut off marks. Daily I search for it. But there is no information about it. When it will be released?

  85. When is the result?

  86. How many persons wrote this examination?

  87. When is the result?

    1. I saw in website that the result will be out in the month of MAY. But not sure about the website I browsed.

  88. Please inform the cutoff marks as soon as possible

  89. What is the previous year cutoff mark?

    1. This is the 1st time TNPSC has called for High court services. So there is no previous year cut off marks.

  90. I want to know when the skill test will be conducted to the typist post in madras high court exam.
    How many marks need to get to pass in madras high court exam? (typist)

    1. Skill test will be held soon after the results for the exam gets released. Cut off marks not yet published

  91. How many marks we need to score in madras high court service for skill test?

  92. I got 138 questions correct.
    Shall I expect a call from tnpsc?

    1. If you have shorthand and typing senior grade with 138 questions right,then the answer is YES. Additionally, you must be below 30 yrs and must posses a degree. Then the chance of selection is 95% I guess. Keep fingers crossed.

  93. When will you release tnpsc madras high court assistant cut-off marks?

  94. I want to know when the skill test will be conducted to the typist post in madras high court exam.

    1. To Divya : The results for this exam is expected to be out by May 2014. After that, if got selected the skill test would be conducted for those candidates. Skill test is mainly on shorthand and typing ( Eng & Tamil)

  95. I wrote the Exam on 23.02.2014 for typist post (Madras High Court).

    I got 118/200 – FN Session as per the answer key released.

    I need to know whether I will be called to attend a skill test.

    Also need to know the date in which the skill test will be conducted.

  96. What is the cut off mark for tnpsc madras high court exam?

  97. I have 136 questions right. What is the expected cut off marks for this exam? Any guess?

  98. How many marks need to get to pass in madras high court exam?

  99. What is the salary of group 4?

    1. Salary for group 4 – Grade pay 2,800 and scale 5200-22500 will be around 19,000/-

  100. I wrote that Exam on 23.02.2014 (Madras High Court).

    I got a 130/200 – FN Session
    75/100 AN Session.

    What is the cut off Mark for the above Exam?

    1. The results are not out yet. Cut off marks are unknown.

    2. Can I have a link where we can get answer key please?

    3. You can get the answer key for the posts in MADRAS HIGH COURT SERVICE in the link

    4. What is that afternoon session? I wrote only fore noon session. Can you please explain me?

    5. S.Jebakani Ramya

      When the madras high court exam result will be announced?

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