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Pondicherry University Previous Year Question Paper : Admission Entrance Examination

Name of the Organisation : Pondicherry University (
Type of Announcement : Previous Years Question Paper
Designation : Admission Entrance Examination

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Pondicherry University Admission Entrance Examination – Previous years’ question papers

Signature of the Inuigilator
(with date)
Time : 2 Hours
Max : 400 Marks
English – Ph.D 2013 Question Paper :
Instructions to Candidates :
Write your Register Number within the box provided 0n the top of this page and fill in the page 1 of the answer sheet using pen.
Do not write your name anywhere in this booklet or answer sheet. Violation of this entails disqualification.
Read each of the question carefully and shade the relevant answer (A) or (B) or (C) or (D) in the relevant box of the ANSWER SHEET using HB pencil.
Avoid blind guessing. A wrong answer will fetch you —1 mark and the correct answer will fetch 4 marks.
Do not write anything in the question paper. Use the white sheets attached at the end for rough works.
Do not open the question paper until the start signal is given.
Do not attempt to answer after stop signal is given. Any such attempt will disqualify your candidature.
On stop signal, keep the question paper and the answer sheet on your table and wait for the invigilator to collect them.
Use of Calculators, Tables, etc. are prohibited.

(A) Trying to do as well as another (B) Enable
(C) Likely to‘ be late (D) To Win
(A) Unavoidable (B) Probable
(C) Expected (D) Fixed
Which of the following linguists is a social activist, as well?
(A) Noanl Chomsky (B) Daniel Jones
(C)David Crystal (D) De Saussure
Which word class is an open set in a language?
Which of the following linguistic units does not have meaning?
(A) phoneme (B) morpheme
(C) word (D) sentence
What does the word ambiance mean?
(A) sound (B) surroundings
(C) temperature (D) music
Which word means weapons, explosive and vehicles needed in war?
(A) ordinance (B) ordnance
(C) ordinate (D)orderly
Which word is the head or nucleus of the noun phrase the little black lamb of Mary’s
(A) The (B) Black
(C) Lamb ‘ (D) Mary’s
Which word means to agree to a demand, proposal etc.?
(A) accede (B) proceed
(C) exceed (D) concede
Which of the following verbs does not take —ingf0rm to indicate progression of action?
(A) examine (B) study
(C) prepare (D) understand
Which speech organ is the active articulath in producing the English consonant
(A) upper lip (B) lower lip
(C) tip of the tongue (D) blade of the tongue
Who knows Whether there will be another war?’What kind of a question is this?
(A) rhetorical question (B) wh-question
(C) yes/n0 question (D) tag question
The term ‘Metaphysical School of Poets‘ was first applied to Donne and his companion poets by:
(A) Matthew Arnold (B) Dryden
(C) Dr. Johnson (D) Coleridge
The title of the poem ‘The Second Coming’ is taken from?
(A) The Bible (B) The Irish mythology
(C) The German mythology (D) The Greek mythology
T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral is a/an
(A) tragic-comedy (B) comedy
(C) verse drama (D) absurd play
is a prominent African-American woman writer.
(A) Toni Morrison (B) Emily Dickinson
(C) Susan Glaspbell (D) George Eliot
The author of The Turn of the Screw is
(A) Henry James (B) Mark Twain
(C) NathanielHawthorne (D) Kate Chopin
The only novel written by playwright Oscar Wilde is
(A) A Woman ofNo Importance (B) The Picture of Dorian Gray
(C) Lady Windermere’s F an (D) Duchess of Padua

Drama in the forties was dominated by three men whose names are listed below.
Choose the right group
(A) Christopher Fry, Sir Terence Rattigan , Alan Ayckbourn
(B) Christopher Fry, WilliamDouglasHome, Peter Ustinov
(C) Christopher Fry, Sir Terence Rattigan , Peter Ustinov
(D) None of the above
The central character in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman is
(A) Joe Keller (B) Richard Brito
(C) Maurya (D) Willy Loman
It is said that John Osborne’s initiated modernism in British drama.
(A) Murder in the Cathedral (B) A Patriot for Me
(C) Look Back in Anger (D) vu
The term ‘epic theatre‘ is often associated with
(A) Arthur Miller (B) Bertolt Brecht
(C) Susan Glaspbell (D) Eugene O’ Neill
Histriographic Metafiction is
(A) a self-conscious work of fiction concerned with the writing of History
(B) a self- conscious work of fiction concerned with one’s own History
(C) a self-conscious work of fiction concerned with bogus History
(D) none of the above
Grand Narratives and Little Narratives have been given widespread currency by
(A) MkihailBakhtin (B) Chantal Zabus
(C) Jean-francois Lyotard (D) None of the above
Midnights Children can be considered as
(A) an exemplary British historiographic Metafiction
(B) prose romance
(C) metafiction
(D) none of the above ‘
Palimpsést is
(A) A manuscript of the middle ages
(B) A manuscript written on a surface from which an earlier text; has been partly or wholly erased
(C) A manuscript authored by a ghost writer
(D) None of the above
Deepa Mehta’s film Earth was an adaptation of BapsiSidhwa’s novel
(A) The Crow Eaters (B) Cracking India
(C) An American Brat (D) The Pakistani Bride
The Gratien Award is constituted for the best literary work for the region of
(A) Pakistan (B) Malaysia
(C) Canada (D) Sri Lanka
What is called Celtic?
(A) A branch of language that is still present in Africa, Australia, Denmark and Sweden
(B) A branch of Language that is still present_ in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales
(C) A branch of language that is still present in Russia, East African countries and Egypt
(D) None of the above.

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