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IIT Kanpur : Question Booklets & Solution Keys For JAM 2014 Test Papers

Name of the Organization : Indian Institute of Technology
Name of the Paper : Question Booklets & Solution Keys For JAM 2014 Test Papers
Location : Kanpur

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Website :

Question Booklets & Solution Keys For JAM 2014 Test Papers :
Model solutions of questions is the product of collective wisdom of many teaching faculty members in terms of time spent, collaborative and strenous efforts made, thereby making the same Intellectual Property. Therefore, its publication is not permissible.

Download Here :

Instructions :
A. General :
1. This Booklet is your Question Paper. It contains 20 pages and has 100 questions.
2. The Question Booklet Code is printed on the right-hand top comer of this page.
3. The Question Booklet contains blank spaces for your rough work. No additional sheets will be provided for rough work.
4. Non-Programmable Calculator is ALLOWED. But clip board, log tables, slide rule, cellular phone and other electronic gadgets are NOT ALLOWED.
5. Write your Name and Registration Number in the space provided at the bottom.
6. All answers are to be marked only on the machine gradable Objective Response Sheet (ORS) provided along with this booklet, as per the instructions therein.
7. The Question Booklet along with the Objective Response Sheet (ORS) must be handed over to the Invigilator before leaving the examination hall.

B. Filling-in the ORS :
8. Write your Registration Number in the boxes provided on the ORS and darken the appropriate bubble under each digit of your Registration Number using a black ink ball point pen.
9. Ensure that the code on the Question Booklet and the code on the ORS are the same. If the codes do not match, report to the Invigilator immediately.
10. On the ORS, write your Name, Name of the Test Centre and put your signature in the appropriate box with ball-point pen. Do not write these anywhere else.

C. Marking of Answers on the ORS :
11. Each question has 4 choices for its answer : (A), (B), (C) and (D). Only ONE of them is the correct answer.
12. On the left-hand-side of ORS, for each question number, darken ONLY one bubble corresponding to what you consider to be the most appropriate answer, from among the four choices.
l3. There will be negative marking for wrong answers. Please see the Marking Scheme.

Marking Scheme :
(a) For each correct answer, you will be awarded 1 (One) mark.
(b) For each wrong answer, you will be awarded -1/3 (Negative 1/3) mark.
(c) Multiple answers to a question will be treated as a wrong answer.
(d) For each un-attempted question, you will be awarded 0 (Zero) mark

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