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Pilgrim Information for HAJ 2015 :

Haj Committee of India (hereinafter referred to as HCoI), is a statutory body constituted under the Haj Committee Act, 2002 (No.35 of 2002). It issues these Guidelines for pilgrims of Haj 2015. The pilgrims should read the Guidelines in this booklet carefully before filling the Haj Application Form (hereinafter referred to as HAF).

i) In making arrangements for Haj, various agencies are assigned different roles. HCoI is empowered to make arrangements for the pilgrims only in India under the present norms. Consulate General of India in Jeddah (hereinafter referred to as CGI, Jeddah) has the responsibility to look after the pilgrims and to redress their grievances on reaching Jeddah / Madinah Munawwarah airport and while they are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (hereinafter referred to as KSA). Ministry of Civil Aviation is the nodal agency responsible for air transportation of pilgrims and their belongings to and from the KSA. HCoI is committed to monitor the facilities made available to the pilgrims and, hence, any shortcomings may be brought to its attention.

ii) In the conduct of Haj affairs, HCoI has administrative relations with the State / Union Territory Haj Committees (hereinafter referred to as SHCs) only and NOT with any private individual, agency or association. Pilgrims should not fall prey to any such private individual, agency or association claiming to work for or on behalf of HCoI.

iii) The details of amounts to be paid by pilgrims through bank, are notified by the HCoI on its website, through Circulars to SHCs and by SMS. No amount is to be paid to any private individual, agency or association. Pilgrims should not believe the claims of such elements and report such instances to the Chief Executive Officer, Haj Committee of India, 7 – A, M. R. A. Marg, (Palton Road), Mumbai – 400 001 directly on fax No. (022)22630461.

iv) The Shia pilgrims who opt for JOHFA as Meeqat should mark the same in the HAF, for which they will be required to pay an additional amount which will be intimated separately.

An individual can perform Haj through HCoI only “once in a life time”. This condition is waived only for Mehram of a female pilgrim and companion of age 70+ pilgrim, if no other Mehram/ Companion (who has not performed Haj through HCoI) is available and if he/she pays full airfare as decided by Ministry of Civil Aviation. However, if the lady pilgrim or age 70+ pilgrim cancel their pilgrimage, then the seat of such Repeater pilgrim shall also be cancelled automatically. Such Repeater pilgrims have to submit a declaration in the format attached to the Guidelines.

The booklet containing Guidelines and HAF for Haj 1436 (H) – 2015 can be obtained from the SHCs free of cost or can be downloaded from Photocopies can also be used. HAF can also be filled and submitted online at <>.

ELIGIBILITY FOR HAJ : Any citizen of India who is a Muslim, can apply for Haj except:
i) Any person not in possession of machine readable valid Indian international passport issued on or before 20.02.2015 and valid at least upto 20.03.2016
ii) A person who has already performed Haj in any earlier year through HCoI. Thus there is a ban on Repeaters (exceptions are mentioned in para 2 above).
iii) Those who do not have the mental or physical health to perform the pilgrimage.
iv) Persons whose legs are amputated, who are crippled, handicapped, lunatic or otherwise physically/mentally incapacitated.
v) Those afflicted with polio, tuberculosis, congestive cardiac & respiratory ailment, acute coronary insufficiency, coronary thrombosis, mental disorder, infectious leprosy, AIDS or any other communicable disease/ disability.
vi) Ladies in advanced stage of pregnancy, especially those who are in such a stage at the time of outbound flight to the KSA.
vii) Ladies not accompanied by Sharai Mehram.
viii) Person against whom any Court has issued an order prohibiting travel abroad.

With regard to dates for submission of passport, applicants are grouped as follows:
Group One: All applicants from:
a) Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tripura and West Bengal; and
b) Reserved Category (age 70+ with companion, fourth timer) from any State
shall submit HAF along with original passport and one photograph (front pose, comprising 70% face) attached to the back of passport with adhesive tape. The photograph should be of size 3.5cm X 3.5cm, in colour, having white background, with name and passport number written on the back.

NOTE: Submission of original passport along with HAF does not guarantee selection. If the applicants exceed the State/ UT quota, selection will be done through Qurrah (draw of lots), even in these cases.

Group Two: All applicants other than those covered in Group One above, shall submit HAF along with a self attested copy of passport. Those who get provisionally selected in Qurrah, must submit their original passport and one photograph (front pose, comprising 70% face), attached to the back of passport with adhesive tape on or before 23rd April, 2015 to their respective SHC. The photograph should be of size 3.5cm X 3.5cm, in colour, having white background, with name and passport number written on the back. Failure to submit the passport by the specified date will lead to cancellation of provisional selection .

Extended date for submission of passport: On specific request of the applicants, the date of submission of original passport will be extended upto 31.07.2015 in following cases,:
a) Non-resident Indians (NRI);
b) Frequent flyers;
c) Umrah pilgrims;
d) Officials;
e) Visit to foreign countries on medical grounds, family visits etc.
The request for late submission should be made in writing with citing reason supported with documentary proof including self attested copies of passport, working/ residence Visa, Employment letter etc. It may be noted that such extension will be permitted only to the individual concerned and not to co-applicants who must submit the original passports by the specified dates. Failure to submit the passport within the extended time will lead to cancellation.

NOTE: There shall be no extension in the last date for payments of Haj amounts.

How to fill Online Application Form :
** The Guidelines for Haj-2015 (also available on should be read carefully before filling Haj Application Form (HAF).
** Passport details, Bank details, latest photograph, address, etc be kept handy.
** Address and other information should be furnished correctly in the HAF. False declaration may lead to rejection of application and forfeiture of the amounts deposited.
** Fields marked with asterisk (*) are compulsory and can’t be left empty.
** Before clicking on NEXT submit button, double-check that all details/entries are correct. Any modification of the application is not allowed after NEXT submit button.
** The non-refundable processing fee can be remitted in:
(a) SBI Bank A/c. No. 34532361460 or
(b) UBI Bank A/c. No .318702010406010 or
(c) online at Before online payment read the Terms & Conditions

(I) Type the URL in your web browser. You will get the following screen.
(II) Click on the Online Application. You will get the following screen
(III) Click on NEW HAJ FORM REGISTRATION. You will get the following screen. Enter details of ‘Cover Head’ (has to be a male adult):
Select the number of Adults in the Cover from the drop down box :
Select the number of Infants should from the drop down box:
(The size of the cover shall be minimum 1 (one) and maximum 5 (Five) adults + 2 (two) Infants only. If the number of family members exceeds five, applications should be made in more than one cover.)
** If you have selected Reserved – A (Age 70+) enter the Companion’s name & Relationship. (Details for eligibility for Reserved Category are given in Para 7 of Guidelines)
** If you have selected Reserved – B (Fourth Timer) enter the Cover Numbers of last 3 years.
Are you non-selected applicant of Reserved –B of Haj-2014?. Please Click Yes / No
** Select Accommodation Category you desire from the drop down box:
Applicant’s Bio-Data (As per International Passport)
** Enter Applicant’s passport details. Must be an Indian international passport issued on or before 20.02.2015 and valid at least upto 20.03.2016.
Date filled from a drop down calendar only DD/MM/YYYY
** Enter Applicant’s following details as in the passport.
(for other than Cover head: If selected Gender is Female, enter details of Mehram: passport No, Mehram relationship and Mehram Name).
Present Residential Address
** Enter the details of postal address of your present residence (Proof of address is required as per para 6(vi) of the Guidelines).
Details of Nominee of Applicant
** Enter the details of applicant’s nominee:
Applicant Bank Account Details
** Enter details of applicant’s bank account. (Photo copy of cancelled blank cheque or copy of first page of bank passbook/certificate issued from Bank to be submitted.)
Other Details :
** If the applicant is an NRI, Click Yes, Radio button otherwise Click No
** If the applicant wishes to go from Johfa Meeqat Click Yes, Radio button Otherwise click button. No
** If applicant is a Repeater (only for Mehram / companion of Age 70+ applicant), then Click Yes Radio button, otherwise against No Click button.

(IV) After entering details of all applicants of Cover, click the NEXT submit button. You will get the following screen, showing a message “Your Entry has been completed’ and your Group ID. The group head will be allotted a unique system generated Group ID Number. Note down that ID Number. It can be used for taking print out.
You can Click the ‘Download the PDF’ for taking hard copy of filed applications.
** On clicking Download the PDF the following screen will be displayed to print the completed online application.

(V) On the page of the print out there is a space for recording the Medical Screening and
Fitness Certificate. Get the certificate form a Registered Medical Practitioner for all the
applicants on each copy of the Form.
You will get 2nd page i.e. back side of form show as bellow;

(VI) Arrange documents in the following order:-
** Online filled Haj Application Forms (in duplicate) duly signed with photograph.
** Online Payment receipt / Pay-in-slip.
1. Proof of Address – any one of the following;
(a) Ration Card (b) Driving License
(c.) Electricity Bill (d) Telephone Bill (Landline)
(e) Water Bill (f) Gas Connection
(g) Election Commission Photo ID Card (h) Income Tax Assessment Order.
(i) Bank Pass–Book with one year statement (with transaction)
(j) Employee’s Identity Card issued by any Govt. office (k) Aadhar Card.
2. Original International Passport
3. Copy of valid International Passport ( Self attested)
4. Copy of cheque /bank passbook /bank certificate.
5. Solemn Declaration. (as applicable)

(VII) Submit your Online filled Haj Application Forms with all enclosures by registered /speed post/ hand delivery to your respective State Haj Committee on or before 20th February, 2015. If the HAF is submitted without the enclosures and documents, required as per the Guidelines, it shall be treated as incomplete and shall be summarily rejected.

(VIII) Applications received after due date i.e 20.02.2015 will not be considered.

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  1. My p.p. no is K5180665
    What’s my cover no. Of 2015?

    1. Which state you belong to?

  2. MY COVER NO IS APF-533-2-0


  4. Hi, this is abadullah , I want to know my cover number of 2014. My passport number is k9534587

  5. When I get the my results of haj of 2015 Karnataka Haj committee Bangalore?

    1. You can check the status using your cover no.

  6. My passport no is K 5581627. Kindly give my cover no

  7. Has the Saudi Authorities issued any quota for Mehram to take up the lady pilgrim who first left out to apply initially. I understand that they allotted 200 seats for such pilgrims during 2013. Will it be available this year 2015. Please clarify.

  8. khader salahuddeen

    My passport no m6503462 issued by Chennai. I want my cover no. Kindly reply

    1. Cover No. : TNF-4693-2-0
      Passport No. : M6503462
      Name. : SALAHUDDEEN
      Father’s Name . : HAYATH KHADER BASHA
      Sur Name. : KHADER
      Spouse Name. : GHOUSE UNISSA
      District. : CHENNAI


    What is my cover head no? My passport no is M6353250

  10. asif iqbal bellary

    How can I know about the confirmation of my application if its been selected for haj ? Please do clarify me on this.

  11. Please send me Cover no Of Laiqk Pasha Pass port no.M1889562 & Sl.No.4208 & 4209 Submitted on 15/02/2015

  12. Passport no.l5963686
    How can I search my information?

  13. This is fourth time. I applied for haj application last 10 days before. So I want my cover number.

  14. cover no. found

  15. What we need to submit in haj form?and if under the 18 years that also?

    1. 1. Proof of Address
      2. Original International Passport
      3. Copy of valid International Passport ( Self attested)
      4. Copy of cheque /bank passbook /bank certificate.
      5. Solemn Declaration

      NOTES : 1) Infants are those applicants who would complete 2 years of age by 31st October, 2015 or by the date of arrival of last inward Haj Charter Flight, whichever is earlier. Infant travel is not free of cost and they will be charged 10% of full airfare (as decided by Ministry of Civil Aviation, which will be communicated in due course).
      2) All applicants other than infants as defined above shall be treated as adult and shall be charged full Airfare. Haj Amount has to be paid by them accordingly.

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