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Tamilnadu BSNL : Set your Name as your BSNL Tunes

Name of the Organization : BSNL Tamilnadu Telecom Circle (
Type of Facility : Set your Name as your BSNL Tunes
Location : Chennai

Website :

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How to set your BSNL Tunes?
1. Service activation/subscription – SMS ‘BT<space>ACT’ to 56700 (For eg. Sms ‘BT ACT’ to 56700 to activate basic BSNL tunes services through which a default tune will be provided to the subscriber until he/she chooses a song of her/his choice)

2. Service activation/subscription & song selection in one SMS ‘BT<space>ACT<space>Song code’ to 56700 (For eg. Sms ‘BT ACT 110638’ to 56700 to activate BSNL tunes & also select the song Dard e disco from the album – Om Shanti Om)

3. Service deactivation – SMS ‘BT<space>DACT’ (or) SMS ‘BT<space>DCT’ to 56700 (for eg. Sms ‘BT DACT’ to 56700 to deactivate service)

4. Only Song selection – SMS ‘BT<space>Song code’ (For eg. Sms ‘BT 110638’ to 56700 if you are already an active PRBT subscriber & to select the song Dard e disco from Om Shanti Om)

5. To search for a particular song of your choice SMS ‘BT<space>Request<space>Song keyword’ to 56700 (Eg. Sms ‘BT REQUEST Pal pal’ to 56700)

6. Dial 56700 & follow the instructions in any one of the vernacular languages that you choose to enjoy the service in – English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada & Malayalam.

7. Activate to the service using the RBT on web option – subscriber to the service, select songs, manage selections & manage friend groups to whom your choice of RBT may be set for

Now greet your callers with your Name!

Set YOUR NAME as your BSNL Tunes
Send SMS “NT<SPACE><NAME> ” to 56799
(Total Free) For are activating your NAME TUNE

What types of BSNL Tunes are available?
There is a huge range of BSNL Tunes available, from, latest, oldies, regional, devotional, top 20, regional, different voices. A user can listen to the promotion RBT of the day, Top 20 RBT’s & other RBT’s based on different region, language etc.

How do I register my mobile to BSNL Tunes?
Go to Registration screen and register as a new user along with your BSNL mobile number. A password will then be sent to your BSNL mobile with which you can login to BSNL Tunes portal. This registers your mobile to BSNL Tunes application.

How do I activate my mobile to BSNL Tunes service?
After you login the portal, go to My Profile screen, you can see your mobile number at the bottom of the screen. If you are not activates for BSNL Tunes, you can activate it by clicking on the Activate link. Please refer to the tariff plan for the service charges.

How do I add friends?
You can go to My Friends screen and add your friend’s name.

How do I set my BSNL Tune?
Go to Select a BSNL Tune. Browse through the categories or search for a particular song, after you find your song click on Set. You can set a BSNL Tune for a particular friend, a different number or set it for all.

For More Details, Click Here

Enjoy your BSNL Tune’s !

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