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Sikkim University Model Question Paper : PG Entrance Test

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Type of Announcement : Model Question Paper PG Entrance Test

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Model Question Paper :
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Post Graduate Courses
Time: Three hours
Maximum Marks: 100
Instructions for the candidates :
1. Duration of the Entrance Test is three hours.
2. No candidate shall be allowed to enter the examination hall half an hour after the commencement of the examination.
3. Candidates can only be allowed to leave the examination hall one hour after the commencement of the examination.
4. No candidate shall be allowed to continue writing the examination after the nal bell.
5. If any answer is to be crossed out, cancel it by drawing a line across it.
6. Please read the questions carefully before answering.
7. Each question shall carry 20 marks. Wherever required the marks dis- tribution is indicated alongside the questions.
8. Candidates have to answer only 5 questions. One question from each section is compulsory.
9. Please (p) mark the question you have attempted in the cover page of the answer booklet.
10. Candidates can choose any discipline/subject and can attempt any question subject to the condition mentioned at Sl. No. 8 above.
11. After nishing the work, handover the answer book only to the Invigilator.

1. Naxalism has been major issue in the state security discourse in India. Discuss the state’s response to naxalism.
2. Is NAM still relevant in the present world order? Discuss
3. Write an essay on the problems and prospects of regional co-operation in South Asia.
4. ”Ragging in educational institutions should be treated as crime”. Give your views
5. Write a note on Climate Change and global warming (500 words)

6. What is communication revolution? To what extent it is at par with societal revolution.
7. Critically discuss the growth of Indian television after 1990.
8. Write a critical note on the relationship between media and democracy in the contemporary Indian scenario.
9. Write a critical summary of Shanon and Weaver’s model on information and communication.
10. Discuss the growth of language press in India.

11. State five characteristic features of anthocerotopsida and describe life cycle of a hornwort.
12. Name ten plants of Eastern Himalaya having biopesticidal properties. Also furnish short account of their active biochemicals, parts used and target pests/pathogens.
13. Give an account of the morphological, anatomical and physiological modifications of halophytes.
14. What are the functions of different forms of RNA? What are the primary and secondary structure of RNA? Illustrate the structure of a tRNA, indicating the various unusual bases in it.
15. Describe the ultrastructure of mitochondria. Why is it called semi-autonomous? Describe the different enzyme complexes that are found in the membrane of mitochondria.

21. Discuss the provisions of Income Tax Act regarding residential status of an individual.
22. Explain Uruguay Round and Dunkel proposals.
23. Describe the modes of dissolution of a partnership firm?
24. Compare and constract Memorandum of Association with Articles of Association?
25. What do you mean by valuation of shares? Why its valuation is necessary?

26. ”The assumption of diminishing marginal rate of substitution automatically establishes the convexity of the indifference curve” discuss. Show graphically the substitution and the income effects of a price change as per Hicks version.
27. What do you know about agricultural marketing in India? Explain its defects and remedies. Do you think that the recent scenario of rising food prices in the country is due to poor marketing system of agricultural commodities?
28. Define gains from trade. Discuss the sources of gains from trade. Explain Absolute Cost Advantage and Comparative Cost Advantage theory of trade.
29. Comment the statement that ”technology is the heart of economic development”. Discuss briefly the problem of technology in underdeveloped countries and suggest measures to prevent it.
30. Describe the function of money. Who controls the money supply and how? Explain the relationship between Liquidity Preference and Rate of Interest.

31. What is the modern concept of curriculum? What are the basic principles of curriculum construction?
32. What do you mean by International understanding? Education is the only means to develop this feelings why? Discuss in detail.
33. What are the defects in the present system of examinations and what reforms do you like to suggest?
34. Describe the major recommendations of Mudaliar Commission in respect of aims, structure and curriculum for multipurpose school.
35. Define guidance. What are the objectives of educational and vocational guidance?

36. Write an essay on the influence of science in literature
37. Write an essay on the ”Poetic Drama” of the twentieth century
38. Write a short essay on the metaphysical poets of the seventeenth century
39. Trace the origin and development of English essay
40. ”Wordsworth is a poet of nature”. Do you agree with this statement? Substantiate your arguments

41. What is weathering? Explain the different processes of weathering.
42. Give a critical account of the theory of Plate Tectonics.
43. Define biogeography. Write on the scope and significance of biogeography.
44. ”Landscape is a function of structure, process and stage”- Explain.
45. Discuss in detail the problems of Indian Agriculture. Suggest some remedial measures to solve them.

46. Explain Ashoka’s Dhamma.
47. Analyse the main causes of the decline of Aurangazeb.
48. What was Gandhi’s ”Satyagraha”? Give an account of the non-cooperation movement.
49. Why was India partitioned in 1947? Was partition inevitable?
50. What is Drain of Wealth? How did it operate in the 18th Century?

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