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AP Forest Department Model Question Paper : Technical Assistant

Name of the Organisation : Government of Andhra Pradesh Forest Department (
Type of Announcement : Model Question Paper

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Model question paper
Government of Andhra Pradesh
Forest Department
Question paper for selection of Technical Assistants (DM-II)
Subject: DM civil trade Max. marks: 100
Time: 3 hours

Part –A :
a. Answer in all (4) questions. (4 X 20 = 80 Marks).
b. Question number 5 is compulsory.
c. Furnish diagrams wherever required.

1. a) What is Damp proof course ( DPC ) ? Mention any SIX methods of Damp proof course and Explain any ONE Method with neat sketch ?( Marks 2+3+5 )
b) Write any FOUR characteristics of Good Bricks ? Draw any TWO brick masonry bonds most frequently used ?( Marks 4+ 3+3)

2. a) What are the FOUR methods of Plane tabling ? Mention any FIVE Advantages and any THREE Disadvantages of Plane Table Survey? ( Marks 2+ 5+3)
b) i. Write any FIVE principles of Road Alignment?
ii. Rule out a chain survey field book and show how field observations are entered?

3. a) A 100mm thick slab is to be laid over a room measuring 3m X 4m( External dimensions) in Mix M20 ( 1: 1 ½ : 3). Find the quantities of CEMENT, FINE AGGREGATE and COURSE AGGREGATE. ( 8 Marks)
b) Differentiate between Sleepers and Ballast in railways ?( 6 Marks)
c)What is the Difference between Isometric view and Perspective view ? (6 Marks)

4. Write short notes on
a) Different types of water supply pipes.
b) Slump Test
c) Water logging in an agricultural land
d) First aid and Treatment of Electric shock.
e) Advantages of Computer for a draughtsman. ( Marks 5 X 4)

SECTION – B : ( Marks 20 x 1 )
Fill in the blanks with most suitable word.
1. The final setting time of ordinary Portland Cement is ________________ Hours.
2. The steel in RCC will take __________ stresses.
3. _______________ flooring is suitable for Dance Hall.
4. ________________ is the process to remove moisture from Timber.
5. The commonly used lime in white washing is _________________.
6. The cohesion less soil is ______________.
7. The line joining points of the same level is called _______________.
8. Drawing is a ______________ of technicians.
9. A Solid figure described by the revolution of a right angled triangle about one of its sides containing the right angle is ________________
10. The electrical engineering symbol of ceiling fan is _____________.
11. ONE Cu.m of Portland cement is equal to _____ no. of bags of cement.
12. In Block cotton soils _____________ foundation is suitable.
13. When the Span is more than 9 m and less than 14 m ___________ truss is suitable.
14. The front vertical portion of the Step is called _____________.
15. Expand I.R.C ( used in Roads) ___________________
16. In Broad gauge the distance between the gauge faces is ______ meters.
17. 20 m length Chain will have ________ no. of Links.
18. The deviation of magnetic needle due to presence of the magnetic objects nearby place of work is called _________________ .
19. In the two methods of Building estimates one is Individual wall method and another one is ___________________.
20. ONE Cubic meter = _________________ Cubic Feet.

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